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Today’s manufacturing environment is highly dynamic and complex. It consists of various stakeholders like multiple suppliers and partners, multiple distribution channels, multiple fulfillment partners, multiple customer types, etc. Decisions have to...
Of late, there has been a massive shift in focus from building products in isolation to putting the ‘customer’ at the centre and designing products and services keeping in mind customer journeys and their preferences. Organisations are becoming more...

Oct 09, 2018

Agile Digital Transformation

Ahmed Mithani Associate Vice President

Digital Transformation has been the new buzz for several years that encompasses a spectrum from simply moving processes to mobile platforms, to business process automation (RPA), to
Retailers Reinvent
Mainstream retail is dead, or so the doomsday sayers would like everyone to believe. As mobile apps and ecommerce keep gaining traction worldwide in an era of on-demand consumption, traditional brick-and-mortar chains have no future, critics argue....
Barriers Breaking
Until a few years ago, the retail industry was a fairly straightforward one. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies manufactured and distributed products and retailers finally sold them to end customers. Relationships between consumers and the...
Retailers & Consumer Brands
While retailers want to win with predictive analytics leveraging Big Data, consumer goods companies are gradually driving direct relationships with the consumers.
While looking for automation possibilities for the key insurance business processes, mostly the repeatable, the cynosure of the insurance industry is shifting toward macro and micro components of the value chain.
Digital Business Platforms
Strategy, culture, and technology are the three key parts to think about how to build the platform. For retailers, the key to success will be the ability to sit down with the business and have them admit that they didn’t know what they should be...
Transforming Retail with Cognitive IoT

Aug 03, 2018

Transforming Retail with Cognitive IoT

Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray Global Engagement Manager

Cognitive IoT enables retailers to learn from, and infuse intelligence into, physical stores and supply networks to transform the retail value chain and enhance customer experience.
Mobile first

Sep 18, 2017

Mobile first to AI first : The New Approach

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

In last couple of years, there had been a huge push for digital across financial services. Banks needed to re-imagine their products and services keeping customers at the centre of design, i.e. adopting a customer centric approach to design and...
Blockchain is the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. It records transactions on a public, distributed ledger and gets rid of the need for a third party in most cases. The technology is touted as faster and more...
Student enrolment rates have gone up considerably, from 216 million to 380 million in 14 years. With increase in earnings of the working population and easier access to study material, the education industry is thriving. Growing internet penetration...

Apr 01, 2016

Digital: It’s what gets the pulse of healthcare racing

Abhishek Shankar SVP, Hi-Tech Industries and GM Enterprise Studio

Digitization is breaking the silos In healthcare. Synchronizing the speed of modernization with digital solutions is necessary to deliver an organization of the future

May 12, 2016

Digital: Customer Experience Trends in Banking

Tanmoy Bhattacharjee Practice Director, Retail & Corporate Banking

The term ‘Digital’ has multiple facets and dimensions, all compatible with each other. Broadly speaking, it can refer either to the new paradigm of Customer Experience (CX) or to an advanced method of agile, lean, and outcome-based software change...
Technology trends in Transport Management System
6 Trends that Supply chain analysts think will shape the industry landscape in 2016 with continued growth of the enterprise application market
Data Analytics Game
How can we use machine learning in the insurance industry? Machine Learning could change the dynamics of the insurance industry sector. As an essential tool for insurers, it could help in improving underwriting, pricing policies and detecting fraud.
As the AML landscape is rapidly changing, the financial service companies moving towards automation by adapting RegTech.
Robots in Ecommerce Automation
Warehouse automation is the need of the hour as delays in deliveries outrage E-commerce customers. Robots have entered this segment and are changing the way companies handle their fulfillment processes. Robots are now collaborating with humans and...

Peak Power Savers: Shifting your energy to take advantage of lower rates
Michael Woodworth - Senior Consultant | December 7, 2018

It’s all about shifting your energy use to take advantage of lower rates especially at night and weekends to drive positive corporate, customer, and environmental benefits utilizing smart energy infrastructure. It will give all residential customers wider choice, involvement, and enablement in their electric consumption. 

Digital Customer Experience: Making Customer Experience (CX) better
Michael Woodworth - Senior Consultant | December 6, 2018

Consumers expect digital services that are personal, self-servicing and available 24/7. For many Utilities providers, the first step toward digital customer experience transformation is delivering a best-of-class, on-demand system for customers to pay bills, review their payment history and update account history. The industry is now working to provide customers with timely and targeted communications for system events involving the customer via their preferred communication channel and to build a solid communications platform that meets customer needs. Earlier, the industry had minimal choices when communicating with customers but with two-way Customer Communication a versatile communication platform is established for customers. Two-Way Customer Communication seeks to increase the number of available communication channels starting with the big three: phone, text (SMS), and email. 

Customer experience platforms in Utilities
Praveen Gupta - Technical Lead | December 3, 2018

The centuries-old utilities model is declining as quickly as digital technology is advancing. First, smart grids began to monitor home-energy usage, generating a massive volume of data-driven insight. Then smart devices allowed customers to control energy consumption remotely in real time.
Not surprisingly, digital transformation is a priority for utility executives. To remain competitive and stave off an aggressively competitive landscape, they know about the importance of setting up systems, reinventing business models quickly, and optimizing processes to increase agility and accelerate innovation
More utilities are discovering that going digital puts them where their customers are.