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IoT Hardware Platform for Medical Devices

Sep 07, 2015

IoT in Medical Devices

Neha Thakur Manager

While the Internet has historically been an important communication channel for traditional computing devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, the much hyped concept of ‘Internet of Things’ refers to a network of non-traditional computer devi
How is healthcare transformation improving customer engagement
The key to winning customers is providing greater transparency in cost of care, billing, personalized actionable information, information on preventive care
Technology trends in Transport Management System
6 Trends that Supply chain analysts think will shape the industry landscape in 2016 with continued growth of the enterprise application market
The Future of Retail Banking

Sep 01, 2015

The Future of Retail Banking

John J. Norman Senior Banking Principal

With the emergence of new retail banking models and economics banks need to evaluate various strategic cost and revenue options that are centred on the consumer

Aug 24, 2015

Understanding the AMP6 Eco-System

Rachit Chawla Deputy General Manager

The UK Water Industry, guided by OFWAT, has made considerable progress since its privatization in 1989.
How Customer Lifecycle Management improves the Utilities & Telecom Industry
In an era of rapidly evolving technology, utility companies are constantly on the look-out for innovative and differentiated value propositions and strategies that can revitalize overall customer experience, boost market coverage, ward off competi
Strategizing Sales in a New Communications-Driven World
IT has evolved from being the back office to being ubiquitous however organizations are now using it to reach out and make a new channel for generating sales
Emerging Technologies – The Future of Logistics
Logistics and technology go hand in hand. While the global supply chain has been around for an eternity, it is the powered engine, the container box and computers that make our world more connected and more efficient than ever.
Blockchain Revolution
Ever since its inception, Blockchain has created cacophonies in the financial world. From smart contracts to regulatory compliance, its use case list is growing each passing day. Banks are forming consortiums left, right and centre; Fintech start-...
financial services
The pace of digital change is about to accelerate exponentially, however, with the integration of AI, robotics, blockchain, open banking APIs and the internet of things. The smarter use of data, combination of non-financial and financial solutions,...
Customer Contact Center Automation
The challenges for contact centers are immense. However contact centers of today can overcome these challenges, provided they stay ahead of the innovation curve and evolve to stay relevant with time. The key is to make the best use of both human...
Big Data Analytics in Retail
Retailers must offer personalized services to customers and tap into the deluge of data. The scope of predictive analysis is extending beyond metrics like wallet share. Rolling out jaw-dropping offers is not needed now; churning Big Data is.
Metadata Optimization

Sep 05, 2016

Reimagining book publishing with metadata optimization

Anil Ganjoo Corporate Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Enabling easier discoverability of your rich library of old and new content, could help acquire new customers, and deepen relationships with existing ones. And, one tangible way to do that is through consistent preparation and use of product metadata

May 07, 2018

Web Based Enterprise Management

Sachin Sharma Technical Manager

WBEM being  a Set of Management and Internet Standard technologies unlike its predecessor which are protocols. It helps WBEM to be more protractible and hence simplify and promote the development of non-aligned platforms, tools, changeable...
financial inclusion
Financial inclusion is the ability to deliver basic financial services such as savings, payments, credit, and insurance to individuals and businesses in a manner that is affordable to them through policies, procedures, and tools that are sustainable...
Data Conservative to Open Access
Why open data and crowdsourcing approaches are critical in today’s world?

Nov 23, 2017

Impact of Block chain technology

Mohit Arora Associate Manager

The Lifesciences and healthcare industry is growing fast and along with it the responsibility of protecting consumer’s private data. Recent ransomware attacks on Hospitals in the UK and its unfolding ripple effects across the world has led many...