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Slotting optimization in warehouses
The saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place” almost sums up the idea behind warehouse slotting and profiling.
A holistic IT strategy to enable the sustainability of utilities
Power/electricity is one of the most critical infrastructure components affecting the economic growth of a country.  Not only does it affect our day to day lives as consumers, but it is an extremely crucial input for industries. A sector’s...
Cold Chain Logistics

Mar 09, 2015

Cold Chain Logistics

Krishna Kumar Ramamoorthy Senior Manager

Patient Recruitment & Retention Strategy
Considering the different phases in a clinical trial, there is a need for subjects to be enrolled according to the eligibility criteria defined in the study protocol.
Long Tail Strategies – Retail to IT

Jan 27, 2015

Long Tail Strategies – Retail to IT

Vittal Devarajan Senior Vice President

Baird Equity Research Technology estimates that for every dollar spent on Cloud, there is at least $3 to $4 not spent on traditional IT
Consumer Data to be the Next Payment Method
I was talking at the FST Conference in Sydney last year on Next Generation Customer Experience.
The 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland offered a melting pot of discussions around the most critical economic, social, and political issues faced by the world.
Net Neutrality

Mar 27, 2018

Net Neutrality and Healthcare

Dhinesh Muthuvel Global Engagement Manager

The FCC’s move to repeal net neutrality has been controversial. The action is expected to encourage service providers to expand their operations to underserved areas and affect all areas, including healthcare. We list three scenarios and their...
Blockchain technology can fundamentally change how we exchange value and perhaps that’s why this has caught everyone’s fancy. This is still in its nascent stages but definitely a technology that holds vast promise and is something to watch for in...
Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Nov 23, 2017

Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Mehul Patel DGM Life Sciences Business Consulting

Today, patient engagement has become a critical focal point within the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry. As technology innovations take center stage, patient-centric clinical trials will be the obvious way forward. 
Waiting for the ‘UBER movement’

Feb 26, 2016

Waiting for the ‘UBER movement’

Marc Barad Senior Principal

I think it is rather chic now to hear about the impending 'UBER movement' in Banking and Financial Services. How we do not need banks and how the FinTech upstarts will take over the world.
Blockchain a technology which facilitates temper free movement and transfer of physics assets by putting all the transactions on a public digital ledger will impact all facets of the LSH paradigm. The paper captures the top implications of...
Retailers can measure and attribute interactions during customer journey to channels, and create a unified and consistent experience.Measuring and attributing cross-channel customer interactions to respective stakeholders orchestrating the journey...
Utilities trend
Personalization of services has become a key imperative and business driver for utilities. Electricity is being increasingly seen not as a commodity but an experience, and customer experience is set to take off in the segment with customized...