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Knitting the universe of data with Digital Signage

Discover how HCLTech's Digital Signage solution powered by Pickcel can provide enterprises with dynamic content for advertisements, entertainment, information, and training.
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Akanksha Vaswani


Akanksha Vaswani
Assistant Manager - Digital Workplace Product Management, HCLTech
4 min read

The end goal of every business is to increase sales and build brand value. But many companies forget that a critical part of this process is their communication with internal and external stakeholders.

In today’s era where our attention span is limited, brands need to offer compelling reasons to their target audience to see, stop and skim their message. That is where digital signage systems come into the picture.

Unlike printed vinyl signboards, digital signage screens are multipurpose. A single screen can be used for displaying advertisements, information dissemination, and carrying out operational functions such as billing and self-checkouts.

Here are some interesting reasons why businesses must adopt digital media, even for offline communication.

  1. By 2026, the global digital signage market size has been predicted to expand and reach a value of $27.8 billion.
  2. Digital signage cuts down the perceived wait time by 35%, significantly improving the customer experience in industries such as retail and healthcare.
  3. 91% of advertisers say that personalized ads can help engage consumers and lead to better conversions. Offline ad personalization can only be achieved using electronic signage.
  4. 50% of business professionals prefer to use digital signage as a channel of communication within their organizations.



Transforming digital screens into high-converting assets to deliver incredibly high ROIs and endless possibilities.



Over the past few years, we have witnessed a colossal rise in the adoption of digital signage solutions across all industries—retail, healthcare, corporate, hospitality, and even education. The COVID-19 pandemic further pushed our collective inclination and acceptance towards digital interactions in day-to-day activities such as brick-and-mortar shopping and internal office communications.

Recently, several QSR chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s invested billions of dollars in the roll-out of interactive self-service kiosks and digital menu boards at shopping malls and drive-throughs. McDonald’s took personalization to the next level by offering customers to build their burgers. Here’s how this works:

However historically, the highest innovation with digital signage has been observed in the $30 trillion retail industry. From local grocery stores to high-end fashion houses such as Stella McCartney, digital screens are used in every possible way.

One such brand that keeps innovating in retail marketing with digital signage is Adidas. The Adidas London flagship store has a record number of digital touchpoints, including LED video walls, interactive floor screens, immersive fitting rooms, and digital chandeliers.

And the reason why every small, medium, and large enterprise is using digital signage communications as a competitive edge is evident: incredibly high ROIs and endless advertising possibilities.

With HCLTech's Digital Signage solution powered by Pickcel, managing display devices and content becomes easier. We serve as the first point of contact for customers with queries and provide general information. By empowering our customers, we aim to make them independent and in charge of their own needs. Our centrally managed, cloud-based platform empowers enterprises to run dynamic content for advertising, entertainment, providing information, and training employees. Such dynamic content can range from simple images and videos to live dashboards or interactive elements such as QR codes.

Our Digital Signage solution powered by Pickcel offers significant features such as:

  1. Scheduling content for auto-publishing
  2. Standard integrations with popular business tools such as Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom
  3. Customized API integrations with client databases and servers, such as CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, etc.
  4. Remote and centralized screen and content management

Further, brands often strive to tailor their communications according to location, intended audience, or desired outcome. This can be accomplished in ways such as displaying content in multiple languages or enabling interactive self-service experiences such as browsing product details or navigation guidance.

Parting Words

HCLTech, with the support of Pickcel, aims to enable organizations to transform digital screens into high-converting assets. Whether it is to launch a gamified marketing campaign for a brand or the need to streamline corporate communications and boost employee engagement, our digital signage solutions ensure a smooth transition to a more augmented, digitally enabled space.


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