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There is no doubt that organizations are investing loads of money in information security recently due to increased incidences of data breaches and expectations from crucial clients. It has now become a requirement for doing business.
Covid-19 forced the world to experiment with flexible work arrangements.

Feb 08, 2023

What determines a Productive Team?


Vipin Raina, Senior Engagement Manager

Team Productivity is a measurement of the tasks completed with minimum threshold quality in a certain period. Productivity helps us understand how effective a process is in using resources and how smoothly it can function.
Data security software comes in many shapes and sizes. These tools and software are designed to cater to multiple kinds of data – from individual messages to entire databases.
Data security market trends In the post-COVID-19 scenario, the global data security market size is projected to grow from
Understanding the terminology Stakeholder: A stakeholder is an individual or interested party with interest in any decision or activity of an organization.
The term 'forensic’ revolves around usage of methods and techniques to investigate crime or examine evidence. It is not wrong to describe it as “Usage of science in decoding evidence for better investigative procedures”.
In the first part of my blog, I discussed emerging security threats creating new opportunities for cybercriminals in a hybrid set-up of work and why old assumptions will not keep us secure in the new world.
Cloud adoption cannot wait.