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CX Tools of the Trade

Feb 26, 2021

CX Tools of the Trade - Part 1

Sandra Mathis Director, Digital & Analytics

Like a dripping, leaky pipe, customer dissatisfaction and churn sound similar. Customers rarely leave without warning; they often signal their discontent multiple times before parting ways. Byt he time underlying issues are addressed, the damage...
Internet of Behavior
Amongst the many things that COVID-19 has drawn our attention to, one of the most important aspects has been that of human behavior. Our behavior will determine our safety in the world. It is a blessing that we have technology to guide us and remind...
Age of Remote Workplaces
With the recent vast increase in the need for remote workplaces and the resulting expansion of the potential attack field, it’s even more important to build your own Fort Knox to provide environment-wide security. Using the right tools in the right...
Heralding the Future

Jan 22, 2021

Heralding the Future: Distributed ERP with IoT and Cloud

Abhinav Sinha ERP advisor and SAP FICO Solution Architect

The use cases for IoT in the context of ERP are many. For example, it can be used for product improvement by making the product provide real-time feedback; it can enhance warranty services and warranty management; it can be used for predictive...
Building 5G

Jan 13, 2021

Building 5G Highway is all about ecosystem play

Jasjeet Singh Arora DGM – Hybrid Cloud Services

With the emergence of 5G as an integral part in enterprise digital transformation and enabler of Industry 4.0, telecoms are consistently striving to innovate and deliver 5G use cases. The partners and ecosystem play a crucial role in shaping up a...
“Trust but Verify” is Obsolete: Zero Trust Networking

Jan 13, 2021

“Trust but Verify” is Obsolete: Zero Trust Networking

Erik Goldoff CISSP CyberSecurity Consultant, Technical Architect

'Trust but Verify’ is obsolete, supplanted by the Zero Trust concept. Chances are, you already have the hardware and the software solutions you need to implement a Zero Trust environment, so the next step is designing and architecting the proper...
Blockchain Smart Contracts

Jan 08, 2021

Design Considerations For Blockchain Smart Contracts

Ranjeet Patel Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

Smart contracts have enabled us to develop new business models and foster business relationships built on technology-based trust. Based on blockchain technology, smart contracts inherently offer immutability, security, and transparency which...
Imagine a global enterprise trying to get a clear picture of the usage and whereabouts of critical assets allocated to their entire employee base around numerous sites and office locations. Indoor and outdoor tracking devices, tags, sensors, readers...
Network Protection

Dec 11, 2020

Should Network Protection Focus on Security or Availability?

Josh Wickern Network Security Practice Lead and Technical Architect

Virtually all organizations understand that network security policies are essential if they want to protect their lifeline— the network. When creating network cybersecurity policies, organizations lean in one of two directions— security-focused or...
Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Various consensus mechanisms or protocols in a distributed system or blockchain technology inherently deal with the Byzantine Generals Problem. There are many solutions that provide a partial answer to this issue, if not full. Consensus implies the...
Agile DevOps
We live in an ever-evolving and increasingly digital world which has a significant impact on the ways in which enterprises deliver their services and how clients interact and benefit from those. To be successful, enterprises need to be agile and be...
ADvantage™ Pega Experience Amplifier
In a digital world where the customers are spoiled for choice by the competition, enterprises embarking on developing digital marketing capabilities spend a considerable amount of time in implementing solutions and identifying the right potential of...
Internet of Things (IoT) Using HTML 5 Web Socket
Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Impact on manufacturing

Saurabh Chaturvedi Deputy General Manager

The blog talks about impact of internet of things in Manufacturing. There has been lot of development in adopting next-gen technologies like IoT in MFG and there has been huge investment under the use cases identified in this vertical.
Column Level Encryption In Hive

Feb 19, 2016

Column Level Encryption In Hive

Sanjay Dudi Technology Lead

Decentralized Clinical Trials
The life sciences industry intends to make clinical trials more patient-centric. This is where decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) come in. Sponsors should realize the long-term benefits of patient-centric trials and reduce the burden on the...
Payer Provider Convergence

Aug 17, 2020

Payer Provider Convergence- The Future of Healthcare

Ramanathan Vaduganathan Senior Manager, Digital & Analytics

In an era of value-based healthcare, health insurers are working together to solve key issues. Healthcare is data-rich, and there are vast opportunities in taking the existing data such as digital records (claims, clinical results, SDOH, lifestyle...

Oct 12, 2020

Modernizing the Legacy File System - VSAM to RDBMS

Antony Dasan Arravindh Group Project Manager, Digital & Analytics

With an increasing demand for migrating or modernizing application that uses legacy file systems such as VSAM, it is becoming imperative to convert the files to RDBMS. It not only helps to manage the data effectively but also reduces the cost of...

5 Questions every CXO must answer in IoT
Pratibha - Global Engagement Manager | March 14, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting Industries with a huge potential to generate alternate revenue streams, improve cost efficiencies and transform business models. For instance, IoT is enabling Manufacturing to move towards pay per usage models, it is ensuring new waves of innovation in healthcare like biodegradable chip based tablets and enhancing cost efficiencies through optimized operations for industries like Mining.

Column Level Encryption In Hive
Sanjay Dudi - Technology Lead | February 19, 2016


IoT – Next Gen Fleet Management
Madhusudhan Ranjanghatmuralidhar - ASSOCIATE GENERAL MANAGER | February 1, 2016

As technology cultivates, fleet management is gratifying a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) logistics ecosystem that could transform trucking and the logistics industry.

As trucks travel interstate highways, onboard sensors collect, send and receive information via cloud-based fleet management systems.