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Redefining Modernization with Gen Al in An Era Defined by Agility, Efficiency and Scalability

At HCLTech, we have a collaborative approach that combines cutting-edge cloud technologies with agile practices to completely transform your applications. In today's business landscape, generative Al offers a unique opportunity for companies to finally resolve their technical debts. By harnessing the power of generative Al and modernizing your applications, we create a positive cycle of increased agility and revenue growth.

Our goal is to pave the way for the seamless integration of advanced processes, state-of-the-art tools and a culture of innovation. All of these elements are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications in the cloud. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation, ensuring that your technology investments are not only optimized but also strategically aligned for sustained and enduring success in the era of cloud computing.


Breaking Free from Legacy Constraints to Embracing Future Opportunities

Organizations with legacy systems face the need to modernize their applications for relevance, efficiency and competitiveness. However, this undertaking can be intricate, time-intensive and costly if not approached correctly.

With HCLTech, harness cutting-edge technologies and best practices to unlock greater efficiency, productivity and innovation. Recognizing that each organization's path to modernization is unique, we customize our services to your specific needs and objectives. Together, we'll evaluate your current state, pinpoint areas for enhancement and create a strategic plan aligned with your long-term vision.

Don't let outdated applications hinder your progress. Join forces with us to revolutionize your technology landscape and confidently embrace the future.

Responsive Compliant Solutions

Responsive compliant solutions

Enhance your organization's agility and meet regulatory requirements seamlessly by upgrading your legacy systems.

Cloud-Native Advancement

Cloud-native advancement

Drive continuous modernization of your application portfolio through the adoption of cloud-native development processes and cutting-edge tools.

Efficient Migration Roadmaps

Efficient migration roadmaps

Realize your application modernization goals while managing costs effectively with our expertly crafted migration roadmaps and agile migration factory.

Skills for Competitive Edge

Skills for competitive edge

Equip your workforce with the necessary skills to harness the full potential of your enterprise applications, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.


Transform Your IT Landscape with our Cloud-first Approach

Unlock your business's full potential with our suite of application modernization services. From automation-driven transformation to cloud migration planning, we streamline your IT landscape, ensuring security, efficiency and agility.

Application Portfolio and Lifecycle Management

Application portfolio and lifecycle management

Discover and create portfolio insights across the IT landscape and business value chain with zero touch. Envision and govern application modernization solutions, roadmaps and strategies with ease.

Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization

A range of modernization approaches tailored to an enterprise's IT and business goals, both short-term and long-term. Our use of advanced automation and machine learning ensures scalable transformation.

Mainframe and Midrange Modernization

Mainframe and midrange modernization

Developing a comprehensive roadmap for modernizing and migrating mainframe and midrange systems within enterprises, with a primary focus on achieving a secure and low-risk transformation while effectively managing the changes that affect business value chains, personnel and organizational policies.

Application Engineering

Application engineering

Enhance automation capabilities to boost the efficiency and collaboration between development and operations teams, resulting in cost savings and faster time-to-market.

Process modernization

Process modernization

This involves optimizing workflows, removing bottlenecks and harnessing technology to boost productivity and agility —and it's essential for businesses to remain competitive and adaptable in today's rapidly changing corporate environment.

Application Migration

Application migration

Developing a roadmap for enterprise migration, including platform selection, containerization, migration planning, effort estimation, oversight of internal and external dependencies, application monitoring, storage management, provisioning requirements and license management.

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