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Innovation Consulting


In the recent years, entrepreneurial Innovation movement altered business transformation where lean and creative players dictated the rules. Their success was to use technology as means of enriching and simplifying our lives. Our Innovation fuses the foresights of this progressing technological singularity with often neglected human insights. Rapidly advancing technologies took the attention away from people. Here we believe that the technological singularity will only take real meaning in the context of human needs, their emotion, and the rapidly shifting socio-economic trends.

We are defined by how we approach innovation and the ongoing digitalization of business. Our innovative services combine human emotions and experiences with possibilities of emerging technology experimentation

  • Innovation as a service where we co-innovate with you (strategy, program, execution)
  • Design Thinking led strategic and tactical Sprints to present value as early as in 6-8 weeks
  • Lateral thinking and creativity workshops for alignment and ideation
  • Idea management platform roll-out and oversight
  • Rapid product development through our talented application development and analytics services (from conceptualization, assessment, to final deliverable/product)
  • Creative problem solving to focus on ‘new’ value and not just making existing better
  • Business model innovation for a strategic business capabilities makeover
  • Emerging technology immersion (Virtual and Augmented Reality, IoT, AI, and more) in our upcoming innovation shop

When we started, we asked ourselves one question, “Unlike enterprises who were born with Innovation in their DNA, can other large companies develop traits to transform themselves into creative enterprises?” We have developed a hypothesis where a continuous combination of the factors below will lead to a non-zero-sum where the innovating parties both absorb the risks and celebrate victories together

  • Human-centric approach to problem solving, a mindset and process of Design Thinking that changes how employees operate
  • Innovative services driving tangible and executable roadmap to implement the initiatives with real ROI
  • Extensive practice of creativity to reduce the risks of speculative innovation
  • Innovation is neither strategy nor operation thus new metrics are needed
  • Emerging technologies are not to be taken at their face value; they are to be molded and not just adopted


Design Thinking

Identifying the challenges of our customers to find human meaning for technology.

Innovation Strategy & Execution

Generating and applying insights for business transformation in the context of emerging technologies.