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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Redefining connectivity for a future workplace

In this new hybrid work era, employees work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. While this capability has enabled more flexibility, better work-life balance and higher employee engagement, it has significantly increased the IT complexity for businesses. Globally, enterprises need new tools and platforms to manage the dynamic workplace models while building a seamless collaboration environment for their workforces.




UCC Solutions and Capabilities

Global enterprises are increasingly adopting a flexible hybrid work approach that requires them to augment their capabilities for meetings, messaging, voice and video calling, content sharing, bots, and the integration of business workflows. Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services offer comprehensive, adaptive, cost-effective and secure collaboration technology solutions to manage evolving workplace models effectively.

At HCLTech, we guide enterprises in selecting the ideal tools and streamline the transition towards a flexible work culture, while ensuring compliance with workplace standards. Our digital collaboration solutions leverage three foundational elements: platform unification, experience enhancement and DevOps-driven managed services. As a result, we elevate enterprise-wide collaboration through an integrated platform, boost user experience and productivity and optimize DevOps-based support.

To achieve this, we have structured our solutions and services to cover various UCC domain capabilities.

Strong Customer Relationships

Unified collaboration-as-a-service (UCaaS) and telephony services

We help enterprises design UCaaS and telephony services to enhance employee experiences and boost business value. Our extensive experience in implementing similar UCC transformations, together with our global delivery reach and meticulous user-centric approach, further enable businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Enhance Business Agility

Events-as-a-service (EaaS) and meeting room-as-a-service (MRaaS)

Our EaaS and MRaaS solutions offer real-time engagement, scalability, customization and an integrated technological approach for your diverse event and meeting needs. Together, the solutions deliver optimal efficiency, seamless collaboration and enriched user experiences.

Telecom expense management (TEM)

Telecom expense management (TEM)

Our TEM solution enhances cost management by providing comprehensive oversight, consolidating telecom, managed mobility and cloud investments. The solution facilitates effective resource distribution, thereby leading to cost savings.

Faster And More Efficient Digital Operations

Communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) and bot integration solution

The unified solution enhances productivity by automating workflows and seamlessly integrating messaging, phone and video functions with business applications.

Drive Scalable Growth

Rendezvous — simplify and modernize UCC operations

The solution provides a platform for discovery, monitoring and automation with in-depth supervision and efficient monitoring of UCC systems while ensuring seamless operations and timely problem-solving.

Metaverse for collaboration

Metaverse for collaboration

The solution enables enterprises to build immersive metaverse spaces and ensure seamless monitoring and management of AR/VR devices while enriching user experiences, optimizing device performance and fostering innovative virtual interactions.


Unified Communications Services

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Through strategic partnerships with trusted players, we address business challenges and deliver seamless and connected employee experiences.

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