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HCLTech’s unique portfolio mix in Southeast Asia —which spans the full spectrum of operational and transformational technologies across digital, engineering, cloud, AI and software —positions us as the partner of choice for global 2000 organizations in the region.

Our Mission

  • Harness the power of technology and our people to drive sustainable business outcomes
  • Deliver lasting impact for a sustainable future exceeding our clients' expectation
  • Nurture a collaborative and inclusive workplace that celebrates excellence and spirit

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Our Value Proposition

Cloud computing technologies

Our managed cloud ensures optimal operation of cloud environments in line with best practices in customer service management. Our highly skilled team is certified on all cloud provider tools.

Digital and analytics

Our team supports enterprises in challenging their existing ways of working, adopting new technologies and using data and analytics to achieve operational excellence and business transformation.

AI, ML and blockchain

Implementation of cloud-based solutions, enterprise data strategy, AI/ML for intelligent automation and blockchain use cases and compliance for insurance industry.


Our Industry NeXT framework leverages our suite of prebuilt solutions and deployable products is supported by a proficient and experienced team.

Our Solutions

From consulting to implementation, we foster synergies across three core offerings to help you realize the potential of digital technology and uncover value at every step of your journey.

HCLTech’s Digital Business Services enable organizations to merge the right next-gen technologies with business strategies to build an intelligent enterprise.

From supply chain modernization to product-aligned business model adoption, our team supports enterprises in challenging their existing ways of working, adopting new technology architectures and using data and analytics to achieve operational excellence and fundamental business transformation.

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Together with HCLTech, you can:
  • Reimagine your value chains with services including experience design, industry capability definition, agile delivery transformation and organizational agility.
  • Enable enterprise agility and operational resilience using modern, composable technology architectures and cloud-native applications.
  • Increase data maturity across your organization by adopting modern data platforms and building enterprise-wide discipline around data security, data governance and data management.
  • Make better decisions using the data you collect with data-driven insights and applied AI.
  • Improve performance and topline growth by identifying your differentiated capabilities and optimizing them with the right technology investments.
  • Grow your workforce’s digital mindset and skillset with expert change management, communication and training approaches.
Digital Foundation
HCLTech's Digital Foundation Services help enterprises build resiliency while enabling them to transform their businesses for future growth. We help design, run and manage a strong foundation that serves as a bedrock of business and technology transformation.

Our highly skilled talent pool offers a breadth of experience that caters to the needs of the digital world while maximizing the business value of your digital investments.

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Together with HCLTech, you can:
  • Address specific requirements by creating an adaptive portfolio of cloud services underpinned by intelligent automation and a powerful partnership ecosystem.
  • Maximize business value and facilitate a superior digital experience with leading-edge hybrid cloud services.
  • Build a hyper-personalized, on-demand and resilient hybrid workplace that delivers a seamless experience of workforce cohesion anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Achieve business resilience and bolster your competitive edge with a digital-ready network based on agility, ubiquity, speed and tech convergence.
  • Enable secure digital transformation, moving from a static to a dynamic posture when dealing with security threats.
  • Maximize the value of distributed workloads and transform business models for a highly dynamic and cloud-first world.
Digital Process Operations
HCLTech’s Digital Process Operations help enterprises digitize and integrate processes to deliver maximum value across all functions, from product development, planning and sourcing to manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and services.

With broad capabilities in next-gen technologies, engineering, IT and data management, our team provides customized solutions that enable business agility, remote working, variable cost structures and client experience re-imagination.

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Together with HCLTech, you can:
  • Reduce costs and increase cash unlock and operational resilience through business process outsourcing (BPO).
  • Optimize and streamline your supply chain functions, building an agile ecosystem through automation.
  • Deliver truly integrated operations to your customers, suppliers and employees in a cost-effective and scalable manner.
  • Strengthen your ability to defend your assets with our state-of-the-art security operations and response facilities, integrating multi-domain security teams, processes and cutting-edge analytics.
  • Deliver superior experiences and improve ROI by fostering human-machine coexistence, leveraging technologies like AI/ML-based intelligent automation and employing operational analytics.

Why HCLTech?

We have guided multiple global clients in setting up captives and building competencies. Our key engagements include:

  • A leading global custodian: The joint venture (JV) currently has 8 facilities across 4 cities in 2 countries and 6,000+ employees. The project included rebadging of 200+ resources including key management people into the JV and delivering services in BPO, RPA and data, analytics and application testing.
  • SAP Share Service Delivery Centre in Malaysia: Built delivery operations servicing regional and global customers. Provided end-to-end captive support functions setup and ongoing service delivery for SAP transformation programs.
  • A Swiss multinational healthcare company: Established delivery centers in Malaysia, India and Poland. Provide ongoing SAP support services, digital development, maintenance services and testing. This was an Agile and DevOps-based transformation with an integrated target operating model.
BOT experience

BOT experience

Rich experience in working with BOTs across industry verticals, engagement and pricing models.

Dedicated customer support

Dedicated customer support

Dedicated deployment team for demand/supply mapping. Dedicated delivery and account managers for better program management and demand fulfillment.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment

Dedicated bench created for BOTs for rapid deployment. Right mix of technology, sales and resourcing SMEs.

Accelerated supply chain

Accelerated supply chain

Shorter supply chain mechanism. Operating in 60 of HCLTech’s top 100 accounts.

Value for collaboration

Value for collaboration

Proven expertise in staff augmentation, managed services and business process consulting.

Our Presence in Malaysia

HCLTech in Malaysia was incorporated in 1997, delivering value across industries using our IPs, tools, frameworks and industry best practices. We were one of the first 10 MSC status companies and registered with Ministry of Finance.

Among IT services companies in Malaysia, HCLTech has one of the largest digital and applications end-user computing delivery centers, in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, with over 350+ application consultants and 400+ analysts and infrastructure consultants supporting customers locally and regionally.

The HCLTech delivery center is ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 SSAE Type 2, SOC 2 and Intertek Protek certified.

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