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Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are combating the high cost of bringing new drugs to market with new paradigms. Lowering cost and minimizing risk by leveraging collaborations and new technologies has become critical. We understand that these challenges require the adoption of new tools in laboratory information management system to bring innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This methodology is called Discover, Design, and Deliver.

Discover:We start every engagement by seeking to gain a clear understanding of the problem the client is trying to solve. We do this by understanding the users of the solutions. With persona-based value discovery, we spend time defining a specific user’s skills, roles, and challenges. We use ‘journey mapping’ to help understand the user's pain points and allow firms to focus on adding value by addressing the issues most important to the user.

Design:We subsequently move from problem to solution, converging on the most desirable ideas through brainstorming. Ideas are assessed for viability by visualizing the user experience through storyboarding. Once a storyboard has been created, it can be prototyped to show a low fidelity version of your design. This prototype can be used to demonstrate actions and behaviors, and validate with users. The result of the design phase is to iterate quickly and evaluate the effectiveness of the design.

Deliver:As prototypes are validated with user input, the software solution comes to life. Both front-end and back-end development of pharma IT solutions take shape, along with helpful documentation. Testing is employed to ensure your pharmaceutical solutions work as planned and meets performance goals. As your new software is released to production, it can be evaluated by early adopters.

Client Success

Ecosystem of Partners

Our partnerships bring the relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge together, with tested products, to present a complete joint solution for our customers. By working together with partners, HCLTech augments and supports all solution and technology requirements and ensures that the best results are delivered.