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Learn, re-learn, learn again. We are not simply witnesses to change, we are drivers of it. Our customers and partners are at a major inflection point in the global economy, charged by disruptive technology innovations. SAP is a leader in bringing digital solutions to the enterprise, having pivoted to become an open and democratized enterprise platform provider. HCL’s global SAP practice launched the iTribe (innovation) framework to create value for customers through the exploration of technology at the intersection of human experience. Creating IP to accelerate and assist the customer journey.

Good Practice

Best practice cross pollination platform


4.8K papers received


Annual competitive seed funding platform for next-gen innovation


163 patents filled


Proactive opportunity identification platform


1.8 Billion USD generated


Proactively creating assets for SAP-led digital transformation journey


90+ iTribes launched


Annual competitive seed funding platform for next-gen innovation


2.8K ideas received


Innovative platform for customer-focused innovation


1.6 Billion USD value to clients

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SAP & HCL Partnership