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HCL Technologies

Partnerships & Alliances

Partnership: Power.ORG

HCL is a sponsor member of and also the1st Certified PowerPC Design Center outside an IBM Business Unit. Visit

Partnership: semi logo

HCL is a member of SEMI and takes an active part in SEMI standards definition and tandards compliance. Visit SEMI at

Strategic Partnership: Microsoft

HCL has been involved with Microsoft for the last 25 years, ever since the days of MS-DOS. Both companies share a Multi-faceted relationship wherein HCL is a Global System Integrator, OEM Partner and an Engineering Partner. HCL and Microsoft are embarking on a journey of “Collaborative Transformation Advantage” and we believe that our collaborative efforts can transform organizations' businesses offering them a competitive advantage.

Strategic Partnership: ibm

HCL Technologies has a partnership with IBM under which it has acquired to right to use and sublicense IBM’s PowerPC 405 and PowerPC 440 embedded microprocessor cores and certain associated peripheral cores. HCL is the first Power ArchitectureTM Design Center outside an IBM business line.

Partnership: ARM

HCL Technologies is a ARM Approved Design Center offering validated ARM core-based design services. ARM Partner Program Affiliations

  • ARM Approved Design Centers
  • IPNet
  • ServiceNet

Partnership: tensilica

HCL Technologies is a Tensilica Authorized Design Center and provides essential services to many companies that are defining and building their leading edge SOC designs today. Tensilica brings together "best in class" products and services from industry leaders to enable SOC designers to accelerate development of their designs using Diamond Standard processor or Xtensa configurable processors while meeting demanding performance and time-to-market requirements.

Partnership: ATMEL

HCL Technologies has expertise in Atmel's low power, high performance AVR microcontrollers handle demanding 8- and 16-bit applications. With a single cycle instruction RISC CPU, innovative picoPower® technology, and a rich feature set, the AVR architecture ensures fast code execution combined with the lowest possible power consumption. HCL is also an approved Atmel AVR Consultant.

Partnership: eSilicon

HCL Technologies has a partnership with eSilicon which specializes in Design, productization and manufacturing services to provide turnkey solutions to its customers. eSilicon has access to a wide range of technologies from our extensive network of Value Chain partners, making it possible for us to provide customized solutions based on the industry's best and most advanced chip technologies. eSilicon creates an optimized Value Chain for each customer and each design, resulting in substantial flexibility and lower operating costs.

Premier Partner: ALTERA

HCL Technologies is a Certified Design Center (CDC) & premier partner for Altera. CDCs are highly trained and Altera-certified in the design and use of Altera® products, tools, and intellectual property (IP). They have the highest level of experience and training among partners and have an excellent relationship with Altera.

Partnership: tsmc

HCL has forged strategic alliances to provide customers with a comprehensive and advanced system-on-chip/ ASIC design. Our SoC/ASIC designs done at HCL can be delivered as silicon through to silicon production at partner foundries like TSMC.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.