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Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare
How do we get benefits from big data in Healthcare and what are the use cases?

Big data analytics and strategic data collaboration between healthcare organizations, can help patients see reduced costs for better care and visibility to a variety of health care information. This would make them more informed consumers. Big data is currently being leveraged to create value as huge amounts of diverse medical data has become accessible in various healthcare organizations (payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, and regulatory).

Some of the healthcare Big data business cases that have seen tangible results are:

  • Evolution of event-based medicine which is the practice of applying the same sequence of tests to all patients who come into the emergency department with similar symptoms- This is efficient, but it is rarely effective. Detailed analysis of patient data helps caregivers take an evidence-based approach to medicine.
  • Understanding of patient hereditary genotype for effective disease management- By analyzing detailed imaging tests and case histories, physicians were able to extrapolate the likely course of the progression of the disease.
  • Study of the use of medications in very large populations, to determine which drugs are most likely to effectively treat the patients’ medical conditions, and which are more likely to cause adverse events.
  • Building of applications that make EHR SMART

Fraud analytics with the power of using predictive modeling and business rules, to score claims based on known risk factors. This helps reduce the claim settlement time.