IT Infrastructure Management Services

What are the various types of data centers?

Per different customer scenarios, data centers are categorized into many types:

  • Global data center – DC facilities which are central in nature to business and houses most of the critical applications and the respective infrastructure which are core to the entire company, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and finance systems, among others
  • Regional data center – DC facilities which are specific to regions, and provide regional support to users in that specific region to bypass latency issues for the users to connect to a GDC; a large customer can have multiple GDCs and RDCs too, depending on the spread
  • ROBO data center (Remote office, branch office) – These DC facilities are relatively small footprint data centers or data rooms which are present in remote locations – an example of these for manufacturing customers could be plant sites, and for retailers, it could be large IT data rooms at stores.