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Clinical Data Management
What is clinical data management?

The accumulating, documenting and storing data, critical for clinical trials or other clinical procedures, critical to pharmaceutical manufacturers and Bio Tech companies is called Clinical Data Management. Clinical Data is usually stored in a data repository known as Clinical Data Repository, which stores data mostly in a patient centric fashion, accumulating data from multiple sources. Clinical data repositories may form Clinical Data Warehouses, when the data stored in them is specifically organised for analytics purpose. Commonly used Clinical Data Management tools are:

  • Oracle Clinical
  • Clintrail
  • Macro
  • Rave
  • eClinical Suite

Most organisations outsource the Clinical Data management process to IT service providers/partners, in order to focus on their core competencies of pharmaceutical or clinical research. The process of outsourcing the Clinical Data Management helps Pharmaceutical/Clinical Research companies reduce their Operational Expenditure and allocate Capital Expenditure to other useful activities such as research and development.