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Cognitive Computing
What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive computing can be understood as the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) – capable of transcending data segments and sensor streams to deal with symbolic and conceptual information. It’s essentially computing that emphasizes on reasoning and comprehension at a higher level.

While computers were outperforming humans, when it came to calculating and processing, they failed to accomplish simple tasks like understanding natural language. Cognitive computing is akin to human cognition, it closely mimics the human thought process within a computerized model. It is a system that leverages self-learning algorithms, including data mining, pattern recognition, and language processing to understand how the human brain works.

Cognitive computing is therefore, capable of executing critical decision in complex situations. This results in a far-reaching impact on our private lives as well as across industries. Cognitive computing is gradually finding foot in other business-related domains, including personal shopping bots, travel agents, and user behavior analysis.

Cognitive computing represents the third era of processing where computers can augment creativity and human expertise unequivocally. Therefore, cognitive technologies are rapidly redefining customer experiences by reshaping and redesigning user experience through tools that enable better decision-making.

HCLTech offers Cognitive Product Support, a combination of analytics, data mining, and machine learning, to ensure seamless customer experience across touchpoints.