What is sap crm?

CRM is the Customer Relationship Management tool of SAP is the leading customer management tool across the globe. CRM activities of an organisation related to sales, marketing, service delivery and other client facing front end activities are automated and managed by SAP CRM tool.


HCL Precision Retail

In increasingly competitive markets, customer expectations are escalating. Today’s customer expects to interact seamlessly across multiple channels, receive service and offers tailored uniquely to them as an individual, and receive valuable and timely proactive communications. Service providers need to discover new and innovative ways to attract, retain, and maximize the lifetime value of their customers.


For a leading water utility company in UK, HCL has successfully executed SAP Implementation in the areas of - CRM, Asset Lifecycle Maintenance (ALM), IS-Utilities, Business Warehouse, ePortal, FI, HR, MM, and SD.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategic management concept that has been widely adopted by Organizations worldwide from both the process and technology perspective. Organizations initially imbibed CRM concepts and re-engineered their processes to develop a customer centric focus. As Industries evolved, organizations matured and so did their customers; resulting in complex requirements from customers and rising expectations the dominance of the customer was undisputable. At this stage,organizations needed a catalyst to enhance their CRM processes and create a sustainable competitive advantage; the catalyst was Information Technology.