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Marketing Automation
What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing revolves around the concept of driving visitors and converting them into leads. Marketing automation is a software platform that helps automate marketing and sales engagement, generate more leads, close deals, and measure marketing success. Marketing automation enables a team to do what it does best. It simplifies the task of the companies by automatically sending emails and tracking them on social media and other websites. For instance, you maintain a food website and ask visitors to fill in a form to get free recipes of up to five dishes. This is how you can generate a lead. Once the visitor fills in the details, you can easily connect with them through email. Gradually, the engagement will deepen, converting a cold lead into a warm one. Marketing automation facilitates long-term engagement with customers. Leveraging marketing automation, a sales and marketing team can collaborate as a single and cohesive team to optimize and automate the leads. Marketing automation successfully converts leads into sales. It enables you to turn one-time purchasing customers into life-long customers. It helps in saving time, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.