Device-as-a-Service: Maximizing the Value Realized from your future workspace | HCLTech

In the post-pandemic view, our ways of working have fundamentally changed. We’re living in a world where organizations are looking to build workforces that will be hybrid by design rather than by circumstance. The future of work demands enabling a digitally-empowered enterprise where employees will be able to succeed in any work environment.

Despite the global sentiment towards hybrid working, organizations still have some way to go in breaking down legacy procedures and revamping functions to prepare for it. The road to the future is one with challenges around workplace productivity and collaboration, employee engagement, endpoint security and work culture, among many others.

Realizing the vision of future of work demands not only an agile, experience-centric, customizable, and secure workspace environment, but also the delivery of all these capabilities in a manner that provides tangible and significant financial benefits to the adopting enterprise. This is a mandate that the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model is uniquely well-equipped to deliver. It involves diversity of end user devices, business application, security solutions, support with end to end lifecycle services and a variety of financing models.

Download this whitepaper to know how DaaS can enable your enterprise to prosper in the next normal of highly-distributed work environments and how the HCLTech-HP DaaS offering: FlexSpace can help you simplify your next digital transformation.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper: 

  •        Value proposition of the DaaS model in the evolving enterprise workplace
  •        Financial & Operational benefits of DaaS engagement to drive the Future of Work
  •        HCLTech-HP approach towards their DaaS offering: FlexSpace’s Value Management Office
Download the Whitepaper