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Big Data and Analytics
India faced one of the major blackouts in July 2012. The entire northern half of the country was devoid of electricity for two full days. More than half a decade later, whereby India now ranks as the sixth largest economy and third largest producer...
No sector can claim to be as crucial to customers as the utility sector. Simple reasons: they are responsible for the most essential ingredients of our modern life and eventually our existence. But no sector can also claim to be so slow in...
The Utility industry is shifting from a highly traditional, regulation-driven marketplace to an advanced technology-driven environment. For Infrastructure optimization and supply-demand balance, use of the smart devices has increased exponentially...
Achieving 100% productivity of equipment on the manufacturing factory floor is nearly impossible. This is why calculating the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is crucial. OEE can enable manufacturers to improve processes, consistency, quality...

Nov 20, 2018

How the Future of Banking Will Look Like

Vikas Bansal Regional Sales Director

The current prevalence of digital banking is largely focused on the Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience domains. In future, this will evolve to a more holistic ‘financial wellbeing’ focus with banks potentially becoming utility players...
Get! Set! Smart!
The next industrial revolution is already here. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the answer to the question on what could come next after automated machines and smart computers. The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of adopting IoT, far...
Risk & Compliance
This is said that by 2025, there would be fundamental differences in the risk functions pertaining to banking and financial sector in comparison to today and we could see enormous transformation in next ten years than last few decades. This is not...
Manufacturing is an area where the incorporation of different parts of AI is taking place. AI encompasses a range of technologies that are learned over time, as they are exposed to more data. AI has brought a new dimension which helps analyze data,...
Transport Industries
Automation with AI is a transformation of transportation within the city. AI also can be used to help predict maintenance events and diagonise problems. A mechanic can use data from sensors in the vehicle to make a diagnosis. 
Cross-border Settlement
Over a century ago, the assembly line changed the way automobiles were manufactured. Now, with automotive parts and materials being produced worldwide, the logistics involved in their shipping can be quite complicated. Bogged down by complex...
Digitalized Subrogation
Optimized Processes in Claims Lifecycle and Straight Forward Claims Settlement in Fast track are some of the Buzzwords being articulated repeatedly when the Insurers look for improving their Loss Ratio.
Organizations, today, are to adopting new innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition. One such technology is collaborative robots (cobots), which help manufactures learn about the benefits of sharing the work space by humans and robots...

Sep 26, 2016

Blockchain in supply chain

Shwetank Kulshrestha Associate Manager

Supply chains can potentially benefit from the capabilities offered by blockchain technology. One important use is in supply chain visibility and traceability.
Big Idea 2015: Imagine the new Energy World
The Energy and Utilities Industry stands at a cross roads of finding the new big idea and how will Technology change the way we use our resources.

Jul 12, 2018

Demand sensing and Inventory Optimization

Arindam Sen Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Demand sensing is a new technique of forecasting. This technique uses mathematical methods on real-time information to calculate a forecast of demand with higher accuracy. The higher accuracy of demand sensing reduces forecast error by a significant...
Reasons to Engage an Agile
Successful organizations and smart employees often don’t see the need to change or struggle with reaching a consensus on what and how to change. Assessing and replacing old habits challenge the employees’ power structures and often, involving a...
Creating successful M&A in RCPG Industry

Jan 11, 2017

Creating successful M&A in RCPG Industry

Amitava Sengupta Executive Vice President - Digital Consulting, Digital and Analytics

M&A activities involve a lot of painstaking effort at a pre-merger stage to plan and to finally get to a point where the business case is understood and applied. Market conditions in the current age are intrinsically dynamic, and poor planning...
Present day Industry & its complexities

Five Goals for Your Identity and Access Management Operations
Nikhil Kumar - Principal Services Architect | June 10, 2019
846 Views professionals like you have gone to significant extremes to keep your IAM operations running like a Tesla in ludicrous mode, but we also know there’s always room for improvement. You can take it to the next level by introducing an enterprise grade IAM infrastructure – introducing agility and setting the stage for automation.

 My goal is to help you set up a software factory for your world—I’ll do this by summarizing five goals for your enterprise grade identity an access management infrastructure. Goals one, two and three were summarized in previous posts (I’ll provide the links in a future post). A detailed summary of goals four and five are coming soon.

Focus: A leadership superpower
Martin Burns - EMEA Director, Digital Advisory & Consulting Services | June 10, 2019

Continually asking for things, being promised them, and not getting results is one of the most frustrating situations that leaders experience.

Identifying and pursuing the wildly important thing to completion helps to increase team output, de-prioritize starting new things in favor of finishing existing ones, and learn faster. When teams try to do more than their natural capacity, when they attempt to work on multiple critical projects in parallel or multi-task with the false hope that key dates or measures of quality won’t be negatively impacted, poor results inevitably follow.

  1. Know your wildly important thing. Discuss it with sponsors, peers, and teams to ensure consensus.
  2. For teams operating at natural capacity, requests to add work, by default, need to be declined unless they come with a proposal to de-prioritize current committed work.
  3. Adopt the mantra “Stop Starting, Start Finishing”. Repeat this in every meeting, and whenever a new thing is proposed

Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century
Vishwanath Rao - AVP & Client Partner | June 10, 2019

Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century

The world of finance and investments is constantly evolving, as is the market for retail investment services. From the earliest telephonic exchanges to AI-driven volume trading – technology has always disrupted finance. Today, new innovations and business models have made robo-advisory the most disruptive trend in retail investments.

Evolution of Robo-Advisory and Investments in the Retail Segment.