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Cross-border Settlement
Over a century ago, the assembly line changed the way automobiles were manufactured. Now, with automotive parts and materials being produced worldwide, the logistics involved in their shipping can be quite complicated. Bogged down by complex...

Aug 05, 2019

Reengineering RPA and AI for Digital Banking

Ritesh Jain Vice President and Head of Automation

As automation and AI technologies have matured, the financial industry has become one of its major proponents. These organizations are adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions as a way to help them enhance...
5G Thumbnails
The 5G network took to the grand stage at CES, MWC, and NAB events earlier this year, confirming its significant potential to enhance the business models for both the telecom as well as the media and entertainment industry. For us, the 5G revolution...

Jul 11, 2019

What’s All the Buzz About?

Dale Conwell Vice President

From coffee to caffeinated energy drinks, our appetite for a jolt of energy during our workday is part of our history and everyday rituals. Entire industries are built on the behavior. Quantitative evidence aside, how long were you willing to...
Channel Sufring
Offering anywhere/anytime connectivity to your brand is great but do you know how many of your consumers are actually speaking with you? You may be surprised to learn it’s a much smaller number than you thought (or want). Are you reaping the rewards...

Jul 03, 2019

The role of AR in Shaping the Future of Life Sciences

Anil Tickoo Associate Vice President, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life sciences industry is looking for compelling use cases where AR can transform patient/customer engagement, make treatment delivery easier for healthcare professionals, and aid advanced research in pharmaceuticals. With its ability to accurately...
Conversational Commerce

Jul 03, 2019

Conversational Commerce

Shiva Mathur Vice President – Customer Success Retail & CPG

The concept of conversational commerce has been around since 2015-16. Today, to go beyond interacting with a customer on an app or via text message, IT companies are building a voice-based retail ecosystem to deliver greater value to the customer....
Years have passed since ‘going digital’ was considered a passing fad. Since then, digital transformation has proven itself to be a key priority for businesses across industries. Digital disruption has driven enterprises to evolve new business models...
Utilities Influence

Jul 03, 2019

How Can Utilities Influence its customer / impact the life style

Prakash Menon AVP & Industry Principal - Utilities

The E&U industry is shifting gears, from complex customer information management systems to customer engagement platforms. E&U companies are eager to reap the benefits of the environmental movement and this enthusiasm is, in turn, shaping...
The Future of Work
As per the findings of the research conducted by HCL in collaboration with the University of St Gallen, the article highlights the factors that are shaping the skill-profile of future-ready workforce in financial services.

May 06, 2016

How to Evaluate BlockChain

Robert Eliis Lab Director

This approach angle flaw is specifically in the way evaluators are considering actually what the BlockChain is. There are two ways: the typical approach being a database technology or a new way - an ecosystem.
Retailers & Consumer Brands
While retailers want to win with predictive analytics leveraging Big Data, consumer goods companies are gradually driving direct relationships with the consumers.
Automotive ECU Linkage

Feb 03, 2020

How Automotive ECU Linkage for better Track and Trace can save the day

Venkata “Raj” Parchuri AVP and Industry Principal Manufacturing Vertical

Product recall is an expensive proposition for the automotive sector. A solution based on blockchain consortium eliminates this issue by providing a comprehensive ledger version at a VIN level across the automotive value chain. Comprehensive...
Cold Chain Logistics

Mar 09, 2015

Cold Chain Logistics

Krishna Kumar Ramamoorthy Senior Manager

Data hack, theft, or infringement are major issues which cannot be ignored when it comes to drug development. Trained professionals or hackers determine and manipulate vulnerabilities in a computer system and/or network to gain unauthorized access...
5G Thumbnails
The 5G network took to the grand stage at CES, MWC, and NAB events earlier this year, confirming its significant potential to enhance the business models for both the telecom as well as the media and entertainment industry. For us, the 5G revolution...
Digital Customer
The advent of smartphones, smart appliances, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)-enabled cars has caused a shift in the way customers experience services. With the role of technology in the lives of customers increasing every day...
Digitalized Subrogation
Optimized Processes in Claims Lifecycle and Straight Forward Claims Settlement in Fast track are some of the Buzzwords being articulated repeatedly when the Insurers look for improving their Loss Ratio.

An enduring legacy – a perspective on life & pension industry
Simon Childs - Actuarial Specialist, HCL Insurance Business Services | November 13, 2020

2020 is the year when everything changed. Can the life and pensions industry learn any useful lessons from this most disruptive of years?

The world is never going to be quite the same again after the COVID-19 pandemic. Scenarios that seemed very much the preserve of science fiction films have played out in real life across the globe. Individuals and organisations have seen their fortunes change in the most unexpected of ways. Back at the start of 2020, who could have predicted how the fortunes of city centre coffee shops and face mask manufacturers would contrast so markedly later in the year?

The impact of this experience will be felt for years to come. There are likely to be fundamental shifts in what we as a society view as important, and in our preferred ways of working, socialising and communicating.

Convergence Through the M&E Industry
Sanjai Ranganathan - Vice President, Media, Entertainment & Publishing Verticals | October 21, 2020

COVID-19 is disrupting industries worldwide. The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is no exception. The hardest-hit sectors in M&E are those that monetize social/physical interaction—such as live music concerts, cinema, B2B events, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Demand from advertisers has also declined, impacting sectors that depend more on advertising revenue streams. The focus is on attracting consumers through faster content delivery (powered by 5G networks) and cheaper subscriptions. ‘Think digital’ is a popular belief deeply rooted in their business models.

Changed Realities in Hospitality Industry post COVID-19
Pranita Panigrahi - Presales Consultant - Travel, Transportation & Logistics Industry | October 5, 2020

The global COVID-19 outbreak has affected businesses, especially the travel and hospitality industry, and disrupted the continuity of operations. As we come to terms with the pandemic, industries are grappling the consequences of an economic slowdown.

The new realities are here to stay, and perhaps, they can help the hospitality industry mature to include truly digital and personalized guest experiences. Know more about the effect of these changed realities in this blog post here.