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Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing
Today, data offers fresh multidimensional capabilities and broader horizons to manufacturers. Big Data solutions enable an altogether new dimension of research and trend analysis. Enhancing customer experience by predicting events, risk management,...
Infusing Cultural Intelligence

Oct 17, 2018

Infusing Cultural Intelligence in Analytics to Drive Customer Centricity

David Sogn Global Data Science Lead, Digital & Analytics

Today, data offers fresh multidimensional capabilities and broader horizons to manufacturers. Big Data solutions enable an altogether new dimension of research and trend analysis. Enhancing customer experience by predicting events, risk management,...

Oct 16, 2018

Evolution of Manufacturing Enterpises and Industry 4.0

Arindam Sen Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Industry 4.0 manufacturing framework has been conceptualized to take the idea of extended enterprise ahead. It breaks the silos within the organization and with the help of cyber physical systems, it takes the collaboration activity and visibility...
Today’s manufacturing environment is highly dynamic and complex. It consists of various stakeholders like multiple suppliers and partners, multiple distribution channels, multiple fulfillment partners, multiple customer types, etc. Decisions have to...
Of late, there has been a massive shift in focus from building products in isolation to putting the ‘customer’ at the centre and designing products and services keeping in mind customer journeys and their preferences. Organisations are becoming more...

Oct 09, 2018

Agile Digital Transformation

Ahmed Mithani Sr. Director Customer Success

Digital Transformation has been the new buzz for several years that encompasses a spectrum from simply moving processes to mobile platforms, to business process automation (RPA), to
Retailers Reinvent
Mainstream retail is dead, or so the doomsday sayers would like everyone to believe. As mobile apps and ecommerce keep gaining traction worldwide in an era of on-demand consumption, traditional brick-and-mortar chains have no future, critics argue....
Barriers Breaking
Until a few years ago, the retail industry was a fairly straightforward one. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies manufactured and distributed products and retailers finally sold them to end customers. Relationships between consumers and the...
Retailers & Consumer Brands
While retailers want to win with predictive analytics leveraging Big Data, consumer goods companies are gradually driving direct relationships with the consumers.
Cyber Security
Typically, organizations are cautioned against using agile methodologies for the initial IAM infrastructure setup and first deployment release of IAM integration. For organizations pursuing DevOps and agile approaches, there’s a path forward. Goal...
As complete risk prevention is not possible, financial institutions need to be more vigilant towards risk events and reduce their impact. IT firms can provide the solutions by designing risk models which detect risk event when they take place and...
Big Data and Analytics
India faced one of the major blackouts in July 2012. The entire northern half of the country was devoid of electricity for two full days. More than half a decade later, whereby India now ranks as the sixth largest economy and third largest producer...
Data driven decision making in the banking industry
In today’s banking landscape, business is driven by data. Data provides valuable insights for businesses to focus on key areas that need valuable resources such as people and money. 

Nov 20, 2018

How the Future of Banking Will Look Like

Vikas Bansal Regional Sales Director

The current prevalence of digital banking is largely focused on the Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience domains. In future, this will evolve to a more holistic ‘financial wellbeing’ focus with banks potentially becoming utility players...
Years have passed since ‘going digital’ was considered a passing fad. Since then, digital transformation has proven itself to be a key priority for businesses across industries. Digital disruption has driven enterprises to evolve new business models...
Most of the pharmaceutical products like vaccines, serums, etc. are temperature-sensitive and require special handling once manufactured.
Bits & Bytes

Feb 01, 2017

Bits & Bytes of Self-Driving Car

Magesh Srinivasan Global Head – Connected Cars & A.I.

‘Autonomous Drive = Self Drive’ However, the key question is: will it ever be possible to have a car that drives itself? The key to success of self-drive cars, may not, fully lie with engineers. We have to also consider, deeply, social factors. This...
Need of new age technology for ULD management 
Unit Load devices are increasingly being used by the air tranportation Industry , however the cost of maintaince and repair is very high , However new technolgy is able to assit in maintace as well optimal usage .

Five Key Takeaways from HCL and Fast Company’s Disruptive Innovation: Banking 2030 Panel @ WEF, Davos
HCL Marketing | January 25, 2019

The 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland offered a melting pot of discussions around the most critical economic, social, and political issues faced by the world. The three-day event saw more than 3,000 global leaders, innovators, inspirational figures, business minds, and academics ideate, discuss, and deliberate.

2019: Heralding a new era in financial services
Srinivasan Seshadri - EVP & Head of Financial Services, North America, HCL Technologies | January 9, 2019

Srinivasan Seshadri, Head of Financial Services for North America writes on what are the major trends to look out for in 2019. Looking at 5 key areas, Srini argues that financial services are making a major leap and building on to the ecosystem model which is key to their success.

Peak Power Savers: Shifting your energy to take advantage of lower rates
Michael Woodworth - Senior Consultant | December 7, 2018

It’s all about shifting your energy use to take advantage of lower rates especially at night and weekends to drive positive corporate, customer, and environmental benefits utilizing smart energy infrastructure. It will give all residential customers wider choice, involvement, and enablement in their electric consumption. 

Digital Customer Experience: Making Customer Experience (CX) better
Michael Woodworth - Senior Consultant | December 6, 2018

Consumers expect digital services that are personal, self-servicing and available 24/7. For many Utilities providers, the first step toward digital customer experience transformation is delivering a best-of-class, on-demand system for customers to pay bills, review their payment history and update account history. The industry is now working to provide customers with timely and targeted communications for system events involving the customer via their preferred communication channel and to build a solid communications platform that meets customer needs. Earlier, the industry had minimal choices when communicating with customers but with two-way Customer Communication a versatile communication platform is established for customers. Two-Way Customer Communication seeks to increase the number of available communication channels starting with the big three: phone, text (SMS), and email. 

Customer experience platforms in Utilities
Praveen Gupta - Technical Lead | December 3, 2018

The centuries-old utilities model is declining as quickly as digital technology is advancing. First, smart grids began to monitor home-energy usage, generating a massive volume of data-driven insight. Then smart devices allowed customers to control energy consumption remotely in real time.
Not surprisingly, digital transformation is a priority for utility executives. To remain competitive and stave off an aggressively competitive landscape, they know about the importance of setting up systems, reinventing business models quickly, and optimizing processes to increase agility and accelerate innovation
More utilities are discovering that going digital puts them where their customers are.

Data Analytics – Self Service BI Journey
Deepak Kansal - SENIOR TECHNICAL SPECIALIST | November 28, 2018

Utilities have Big Data and it is a huge thing in utilities to analyze those data sets and patterns to really understand there customer behavior pattern, changes in business due to weather, enhance their customer satisfaction ratios, and enhance energy production/efficiency reliability. The data is key information set for analyzing patterns/estimates and analytics is all about discovery, interpretation, and communication of important meaningful patterns in data. 

Big Data & Analytics in the Energy & Utilities industry
Amit Handoo - CLIENT PARTNER & REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (US) - Utilities | November 28, 2018

The energy and utility industry typically comprises power plants generating electricity, transmitted over long-distance transmission lines and then finally supplied over distribution lines to residences and businesses.
The energy and utility industry is undergoing transformation. The grid is getting smarter by the day. Electric power sources are getting cleaner and customers have more choices to receive the power. One of the technological drivers that has impacted this is emergence of Big Data and analytics which plays a pivotal role in the energy and utility industry.   

Energy and Utility Sector embracing Cloud Computing: The Transformation Journey
Jyotsana Sharma - ASSOCIATE MANAGER | November 28, 2018

The energy and utilities industry for several decades has been performing the stereotypes. It has little to do with strategies of winning over competition and customers. All and sundry are vocal about the challenges which we are conscious about; however, none exchange a thought and ponder about the seamless keys and answers.

The energy industry is seeking solutions for not just providing renewable and nonrenewable resources but evolving and focusing on the asks of the patrons. The energy and utilities industry wants to expand horizons across geographies quickly and cost efficiently. Swift solutions post integration in existing and new collaborations are the asks. Quick service renewal, hassle-free experiences for consumers is what establishments are seeking. An increasingly competitive market acts as a threat to the utilities industry to move toward a more digital world and the world of cloud computing.

Big Data and Analytics for Energy and Utilities
Akshat Joshi - Technical Manager | November 26, 2018

India faced one of the major blackouts in July 2012. The entire northern half of the country was devoid of electricity for two full days. More than half a decade later, whereby India now ranks as the sixth largest economy and third largest producer of energy after US and China, things still haven’t changed much. Energy Infrastructure is still vulnerable and a major portion of the energy produced by systems is either lost in transmission or stolen.
The above mentioned problem is common to the Energy and Utilities Industry, but thankfully in the age of Big Data and Analytics, solutions exist that would not only counter the loss of revenue, but would also leverage optimal consumption of the underlying assets of the Energy and Utilities Industry.

Finding Big Data utility for the Utility sector
Gaurav Sharma - GM & Head-NGDC PMG | November 26, 2018

No sector can claim to be as crucial to customers as the utility sector. Simple reasons: they are responsible for the most essential ingredients of our modern life and eventually our existence. But no sector can also claim to be so slow in responding to the changing landscape, especially technology, as this one. This is probably because economically it was never challenged, the players were few and the entry barriers were high. Most of the organizations had a monopoly or proprietary attitude toward the customers. To say the least, the competition was never powerful enough for them to radically change or invest in the cutting-edge technology.