Cloud Services & Solutions in Manufacturing Industry | HCLTech


The Manufacturing industry is undergoing frequent technological advances keeping it in a state of disruption. Due to the dynamic nature of the industry, organizations have to constantly reinvent themselves or risk being left behind.

HCLTech helps organizations create simple, smart, and scalable next-generation Supply Chain solutions. More than 200 leading Manufacturing and Hi-Tech companies trust HCLTech for reshaping their strategies and converting possibilities to reality.

Our Cloud services enables organizations to embrace the digital world seamlessly while preserving years of investment in traditional operational systems. Our Cloud Services brings advanced capabilities needed to support new Business Models, insight-driven Customer Engagement, and Co-Creation through partner ecosystems by leveraging emerging technologies such as IoT, AI/ML, NLP, Cognitive Computing, AR, and VR.


Customer 360

Enables transition to a 360-degree customer insights driven approach

Operations 360

Seamless operations strategy execution with automation and insights-driven decision making.

OEE Analytics (Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Maintenance)

Predictive Maintenance

Remote monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance of HVAC system

Asset Management

Modern ERP (For Finance & Operations management)

Connected field Service for Manufacturing

Intelligent Sales

Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI)

Delivers an interactive experience layer using AI/ML to derive insights to increase productivity and reduce costs

Real-time Online Supplier Tracking Solution (ROST)

Improve visibility of work-in-progress at supplier & predict delivery date in advance to reduce risk