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Digitization, multi-platform content consumption and the omnipresence of social media have left a lasting impression on Telecom, Media and Entertainment companies. The proliferation of connected devices and the huge influx of data they have brought along have also created a huge impact in the way these organizations operate. The data so generated is waiting to be analyzed and actionable insights extracted. The organizations are increasingly looking at embracing technology modernization that will help them improve their focus on their customers.

In this backdrop, HCLTech has designed its Cloud services to enable technology-led transformation of business processes. Our services for digital media firms help them to bolster customer relationships and build future-ready infrastructure that allows a single view of data across the organization.

HCLTech is a one-stop partner when it comes to digitalization. Our ‘Collaborative Digital Enterprise’ model spans every facet of our customers’ requirements, from supply chain optimization to end-to-end cloud-based models. Our ALT ASMTM framework uses a “proactive obsolescence” approach to help clients minimize operational costs while maximizing revenue.


Enterprise Functions as a Service (EFaaS)

A unique suite of solutions for costs management, business process integration with IT and infrastructure for optimization that works on every level.

Media Operations as a Service Store (MOaaS)

Enables scalable transcoding through the cloud