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The travel, logistics, hospitality, and transportation services industry is one of the pioneers in leading digital disruption and witnessing large scale shifts and changes.

Logistics competencies grew by leaps and bounds in the 1990s. However, the landscape in the digital age is vastly different. The internet has unleashed an immense potential to communicate and collaborate, giving rise to advanced travel management software and tools. Meanwhile, there is a tremendous surge in supply chain velocity, while the transport software segment evolves in tandem. This leads to reduced costs through information sharing and synchronization between trading partners and transportation service providers.

As a result, companies are re-envisioning existing frameworks, processes, and systems around transport and logistics management – leading to a holistic overhaul of operations and Cloud strategy. The objective is to harness the power of digital in order to drive down costs, enhance supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer fulfilment.


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