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Digital Engineering


Challenges We Address

In a digital world it is imperative that organizations provide digital experiences. The manner in which a customer experiences and perceives a product or service on a digital platform has become a significant factor. In addition, organizations need to make sense of the vast amounts of data generated across these platforms in order to derive intelligence out of it, and with the help of analytics, figure out a way to monetize this intelligence.

HCL has identified and implemented solutions that effectively overcome these challenges. As part of our digital engineering suite, we offer services in the areas of digital experience management, customer reach management, connected systems, and ecosystem monetization.

Digital Experience Management

HCL enables the creation of interactive platforms to enhance user experience for customers across the manufacturing, aerospace, financial services, telecom, medical devices, automotive, and media & entertainment industries. We provide next gen UI design enabled through a dedicated Usability Center of Excellence, app and website testing across devices on cloud platforms, services to major mobile app platforms such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator, and the ability to handle major social networking APIs including Facebook and Twitter.

HCL offers the following digital engineering services:

  • Cross-platform mobile development: Support of multiple devices and platforms through one code base
  • Platform accelerators: Platform foundation for internationalization, multi-channel support and customization
  • Digital content management: CMS platform (like AEB) integration with back-end systems for enhanced UX and video
  • User experience design: Usability, visual, and interaction design; navigation
  • Wearable devices: Real time data exchange enablement between devices, and service integration
  • Service virtualization: Creating virtual model to enable behavior same as real system

HCL has also created a platform-based solution that provides an out-of-the-box editorial workflow system which allows collaborative content creation, componentized architecture (for better reuse), plug-n-play manageability, an XML first approach (which enables granular access and rules-based aggregation), and a built-in auditing feature for compliance and regulatory requirements.

Case Study: HCL is the hardware and software development and test partner for a full range of mobile devices for a leading consumer electronics and mobile handset manufacturing company. We also set up a dedicated test lab to help them move from Windows to the Android platform.  

Customer Reach Management

HCL provides a value chain-led approach to help you reach customers through digital services. We have a dedicated Online Ads CoE with a focus on advertising and marketing platforms. We have developed a product development platform to help deliver ad campaigns for both the web and mobile. We also have an insights lab, and an automated analytics sandbox that allows customers to explore new dimensions of their customer data. Our flexible rules-driven, robust traffic system is built in such a way that it can seamlessly integrate with third-party systems.

Enablement through a Product Intelligence Framework

HCL’s Product Intelligence (PI) Framework is an accelerated analytics services framework that helps product organizations extract the maximum insights from product and customer related information through the application of Big Data Analytics. The PI framework provides a single pane of access to all the steps involved in Big Data Analytics and provides an end-to-end “Analytics Factory” service so that enterprises can focus on making business and product decisions without having to worry about the underlying complexities.

The foundation of our PI framework is built on data syndication and reporting, and HCL's statistical modeling engine. Data syndication and reporting consists of visualization, aggregation and transformation, and data acquisition. The statistical modeling engine utilizes an algorithm stack, Hadoop/HDInsight, RDBMS and various other databases to handle and understand the data. It has found application in product management systems, customer support systems, cloud and online operations, machine to machine communication, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

HCL also provides voice recording analytics, IP infringement detection, security intelligence, advanced analytics services, and is developing solutions for predictive maintenance and social network syndication.

Our PI Framework has been proven to:

  • Accelerate the rate of product innovation by 25%
  • Reduce customer support overheads by up to 45%
  • Reduce cloud/online operations downtime by up to 60%
  • Improve the effectiveness of IoT solutions

Case Study: HCL delivered a big data solution which involved measuring and reporting campaign KPIs and booking, with individualized mobile sensing and reporting capabilities for a marketing technology company.

Connected Systems

HCL provides an integrated approach to data aggregation and platform intelligence. To achieve this, we have created focused Centers of Excellence (CoE) for analytics in product intelligence and Microsoft technologies, and provide predictive, product and statistical analysis, data science, and data visualization services. HCL uses leading big data technology such as Hadoop, Teradata, Cloudera, and Informatica.

  • Embedded analytics: Product feed, feed monitoring, security compliance
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Embedded systems, device intelligence
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) communication: Real-time cloud storage platform, machine data storage, sensors
  • Middleware solution: Platform development, security and scalability, deployment standardization

Case Study: HCL designed and developed IOT enabled environment chambers for a leading medical devices and lab equipment manufacturer, to enable continuous monitoring, remote diagnostics and historical analysis. This improved the first-time fix rate by 7%, and productivity by 17%.

Ecosystem Monetization

Through ecosystem monetization services, HCL seeks to provide the means to monetize platform assets. HCL provides product engineering, business and architecture consulting, app development, and integration testing, deployment, porting and migration. We have an API management SLU for the monetization of digital assets and accelerators to support multiple payment methods around the globe.

HCL’s monetization opportunities include:

  • Omni-channel commerce: Consistent multi-lingual, multi-geo, multi-channel, and multi-device commerce platform development
  • Digital asset monetization: Creation of a new technology platforms, thereby consolidating multi-channel properties
  • Search engine monetization: Integration of paid search on search engine platforms
  • Monetization via security analytics: Automated solutions for intellectual property infringement detection
  • API enablement and monetization: Monetization engines to set up and run a subscription-based business model

Case Study:

  • HCL designed and architected a scalable, secure and world class e-commerce system with 7 stores generating over 1.2 million hits per day and 30K in orders.
  • HCL set up a centralized digital video processing, management and distribution hub, to allow other national agencies to ingest and process content. 
  • HCL developed an automated solution for intellectual property infringement detection and evidence capture of the infringed content.

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Engineering Services Outsourcing - Unraveling Myths


Business Impact through Product Engineering
Business Impact through Product Engineering
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.