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With the advent of the post-PC era, the number of devices accessing online properties has exploded exponentially. Software & Internet companies need to provide a uniform experience on multiple form factors and operating systems and ensure high levels of performance, despite concurrency in millions. At the same time, they must ensure security as confidential information is at stake. Hitherto unknown, VC funded firms and software development vendors are incorporating disruptive technologies and changing the stack of current applications and platforms. Companies are constantly playing catch up to new technologies, experiences, and services to stay afloat. We partner with Software & Internet companies at different stages of their software development life cycle to help them address these challenges and ensure faster time to market.

Our key differentiators:

  • Market leadership: Leading industry analysts have recognized our software engineering capabilities in enterprise and consumer software engineering in their leadership quadrant. These ratings commemorate HCLTech three-decade-long experience of working 150+ software and internet properties.
  • Productized solutions and services: The maturity gained by working in software engineering and software solution services has helped us develop accelerators to aid faster product development and ensure better quality compliance, thereby delivering great value to our customers and ultimately the end consumer. A dedicated team of experts across technologies continuously develops and improves 20+ solutions to aid the software development process. Our expertise in delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) can help Software & Internet companies fully leverage their potential.
  • Rich and diverse experience: 7 of the top 10 Software & Internet companies today work with us across different geographies, including North America, Europe, and Japan. We have engineered software for leading consumer software, enterprise software, and Internet companies. Our experience not only spans various stages of the PDLC but also caters to different business requirements through flexible engagement models.
  • Richer mobility experience: Our mobility solutions enable organizations to become highly productive and customer-centric, by making information available at the right time to the right person, all through a simple click! Our mobility offerings include mobile application development, device quality assurance, and certification capabilities. We have the expertise to work in any mobile ecosystem, including iOS, Android, and RIM, across various industries.
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Software Product Engineering

End-to-end product engineering for enterprise software, consumer software, software solution services, and Internet properties across all stages of the SDLC, from conceptualization to go-to-market.Read More

Cognitive Product Support

Cognitive product support engine adds a Machine Learning-based intelligence layer to the existing support systems.Read More

Software Product Testing

1000+ testing frameworks and three decades of experience power our testing capabilities, allowing Software & Internet companies to reduce their software product testing cycle.

Digital Engineering

Internet and digital properties development. Ecommerce capabilities across multiple platforms.Read More

Mobility and Cloud Solutions

Our frameworks on rapid application development and testing, device compatibility, interoperability, and SaaS enablement deliver value across Software & Internet segment.

Software re-engineering

End of life support, enhancements and feature addition, product sustenance and support, and technical support services.

Cloud Engineering

Guiding, supporting, and fast-tracking successful transitions to software & cloud-based offerings.Read More

Data Engineering

Full suite of solutions for acceleration of the data intelligence transformation from data architecture consulting, data instrumentation, data engineering, data pipeline automation, optimizing to target processors (CPU, GPU) for efficiency and speed. Read More