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Risk & Compliance Management


2008’s global recession was an inflection point like no other. What came after was a state of uncertainty and an eventual iron gauntlet of compliance. Enterprises were now looking at complex regulatory frameworks while grappling with a lack of visibility into the large scheme of things.Meanwhile, tech was moving at the speed of light coupled with a growing labyrinth of policy formulations. It was essential to locate a resilient process framework – armed to contain risk while ensuring productivity.

HCL’s enterprise risk management solution is geared to address these critical scenarios. Best-of-breed products, key insights, vibrant tools and methodologies, extended service competencies – our approach brings together all that’s vital and imperative:

  • Application operation and support
  • Application development and maintenance
  • COTS product implementation
  • Data management
  • Domain-based advisory
  • Managed business advisory (BPO)

What concretizes a transformation curve?

We believe in comprehensive transformation across the sector – our innovation footprint has impacted several firms worldwide.

  • Engaging in service and solution areas – market risk platforms, regulatory reports, KYC operations, and enterprise GRC – for an investment bank
  • Engineering an integrated financial crime platform - for an Australian bank
  • Administrating SAS threshold analytics - for a global bank
  • Executing group risk aggregation via actuarial risk modules – for a large financial services group
  • Offering a payment card identity assessment system and control testing - for a consumer banking group’s online portal

Additionally, a Dutch banking major deployed SPIRIT for stronger risk mitigation and compliance adherence. SPIRIT combines scheduler, data-maintenance, data-validation, calculation and reporting functionalities – generating quick reports on massive data sets.

The New Face of Regulatory Response: Opportunity

The subject of financial services regulatory compliance is likely to elicit a number of responses ranging from yawning to fear. It is very unlikely this subject will generate enthusiastic support for new opportunities, but the time has come for this to change.

CEB Tower Group research indicates that a common reaction to regulatory framework is to expand control and response systems, beyond actual necessity.



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Our partnerships bring the relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge together, with tested products, to present a complete joint solution for our customers. By working together with partners, HCL augments and supports all solution and technology requirements and ensures that the best results are delivered.

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