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UX design is critical to the success of SAP projects– and can also directly influence an organization’s profitability based on standardization, ease of understanding, and access to business processes.

The evolution of business process to integrate complex scenarios has also increased complexities in user experience, making it essential that your SAP partner is experienced in the latest SAP Intelligent UX approaches and technologies.

HCLTech brings over 20 years’ experience in SAP UX, and offers a full range of UX services, from UX assessments and Design Thinking workshops to UX enablement, onboarding and the delivery of intelligent UX blended with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Let us help you deliver a reimagined user experience.



UX Enablement and Onboarding

Complete your UX transformation journey with our personalized Fiori enablement services, focused on feedback-based optimization.

  • Fiori landscape preparation
  • Installation and Fiori configuration
  • Brand and enable the identified apps
  • Quick UX prototypes of custom apps
  • Feedback workshop with users
  • Optimize UX based on feedback
  • Scale-up the UX enablement

UX Assessment

Get the most out of your Fiori-based UX transformation. We work with you to define the best platform, architecture, and framework for your journey

  • Optimized landscape for Fiori-based UX
  • Define UX roadmap with best practices
  • Align UX strategy with SAP roadmap
  • Fit-gap analysis of existing landscape
  • Standard and custom Fiori fit-gap
  • Recommendations on Fiori architecture
  • On-premise vs Cloud recommendations

Design Thinking

Interested in a custom UX solution based on SAP Fiori principles?

Our innovative Design Thinking workshops enable customers to actively participate in and define the UX.

  • Human-centered and outcome-based design
  • Iterative and collaborative
  • Empathetic, innovative, analytical

Intelligent User Experience

Combining strengths in UX and newer SAP technologies, our Intelligent UX offering blends modern UX with AI using SAP Fiori 3 capabilities.

We provide recommendations and UX upgrade services in a number of areas:

  • SAP Fiori 3 for modern SAP UX
  • Intelligent data presentation
  • Situation handling
  • Intelligent processing decisions
  • Chatbots for info and task executions


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