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#CoolestInterviewEver-Solution Phase

Since the digital channels these days are flooded with information; it was required to launch the campaign in a subtle phased manner. AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) model was followed. In every phase, Social and Digital Media were integrated and an all-inclusive digital communication was generated.

Awareness Phase: Curiosity Build-up

The campaign was kick-started in the second last week of December 2013 with the launch of a microsite and 3 Teaser videos. The microsite was just a landing page with minimal information and a single Call-To-Action where the interested candidates could enter their e-mail IDs to be the first one to know about the campaign launch.

  • Prior to the launch of the website, A/B testing was done for two versions of the single-page microsite.
  • The website was made Search Engine Optimized In the first 20 days of launch, the website reached among top 5 search results on Google globally which generally happens in 2-3 months post launch. The website reached search rank 1st on Google within 7 days of the new website launch for the keyword “Coolest Interview Ever”. In the process, the website overtook authoritative websites like,,, etc for the search term “coolest interview ever”.
  • Since, a large part of our target audience accesses internet through mobile devices, the website created was mobile responsive and had great UX on multiple devices. 

Interest and Desire Phase: Detailing

  • Three weeks prior to the campaign launch, the full-fledged website was launched with the objective of providing the interested candidates the complete information about the campaign. This website also had two new videos which explained the campaign up to a certain extent.
  • The website has received tremendous response from 102 countries with 95,000+ page during the campaign. This was enabled by promoting it organically on all official social media properties of HCL Technologies which included LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. The communication about #CoolestInterviewEver received whooping response from our captive audience on our Social Media Channels. Not only this, the 5 videos received 90,000+ views during the campaign.  All this was achieved by integrating the digital media with social media


  • Campus outreach: In order to have an integrated outreach around the campaign, physical banners were also sent to B-schools and interaction sessions were carried out.  (67 Major B-schools in India, 6 B-schools in US and 6 B-schools in UK were covered)
  • Internal Outreach: HCL Technologies realized its major potential within. We reached out to our 75k+ employees through our internal channels like intranet, physical interactions, floor walks, webinars and individual emails
  • visitors and Job Seekers: In order to leverage the visitors and regular job seekers, the corporate website was aligned to the campaign. Total number of job seekers targeted were approx  58,677
  • Influencer Outreach: Considering the importance of Influencer Marketing, campaign got attention of influencers with potential reach of influencers – 147,000+.

Action Phase: Launch

The campaign was launched on 10th of February with the team actively engaging with the participants. 

  • For daily reporting, industry standard analytics tools, namely Simply Measured and Oracle SRM were used. A daily status update was sent to the team and the other internal stakeholders to get their inputs on further optimization.
  • HCL’s world class social command center was leveraged to track engagement 24 x 7. The social command center played the following roles:
    • Engaging
    • Listening
    • Reporting
    • Shortlisting
    • Optimizing
  • The engagement commenced 3 days prior to the launch of the campaign with the team actively responding to the queries around #CoolestInterviewEver.
  • The tone used in engagement was extremely personal. The candidates felt as if they are interacting with a brand personified. The 3 tenets of HCL Brand – a) trust, transparency & flexibility b) value centricity c) Employee first customer second(EFCS) where exemplified in every tweet.   The rising excitement could be felt in the participant’s tweets.

In order to make sure that the information shared gets registered in the minds of prospective candidates, a creative led approach was taken, and even the FAQs were converted into creative.

The Interview Process

The interview process was divided in 3 Rounds, as described below:

Round 1: The selection would be basis correct answers to 6 consecutive questions on IQ, OQ (operational quotient) and FQ (functional quotient). There is no validation being done and this is similar to the practice being current followed by recruiters when they do telephonic interviews.  At the end of the first round, only 100 candidates are getting shortlisted- globally.

Round 2: Tweet Chat: HCL Leaders interacting with 100 shortlists to the answer their queries about HCLT culture & domain requirements. 

Domain Specific Q&A: Inviting the 100 short-listed candidates to submit their LinkedIn profiles and. All 100 will also be asked to sign in a terms and conditions + authentication document which will carry their

Round 3 - Finals: In the final round, 5 short-listed participants will be evaluated by HCL Leaders through an interaction on Twitter and 1 candidate will be handpicked from amongst them. (Diagrammatic Representation of the Process in Appendix)

Leveraging technology for Analysis, Reporting and Optimizing

During all the phases of the campaign, a regular analysis mechanism was created. Different metrics like, number of Tweets, SEO Rank, Website Pageviews, Website Visits, Special Launches, etc. were sent to the internal and external stakeholders through mailers and their inputs were called for. This led to execution of a well optimized campaign with several levels of scrutiny. The following metrics were tracked daily to which helped in optimizing the campaign:


Table 1: Engagement metrics

Best in class tools like Tweet Deck, Simply Measured and Oracle SRM were used to handle real-time engagement. Snapshot of simply measured tool which was used to track the conversations keywords:

Tweek Deck

Figure 1:  SimplyMeasured tool keyword tracking

SIW Optimized:
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.