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Sustainability: A Key Driver of Innovation

Mar 10, 2021

Sustainability: A Key Driver of Innovation

Christina Herden Global Head of Sustainability

Worldwide IT leaders are adopting and integrating a sustainable approach to their business models. A sustainable model is built on an entrepreneurial approach to collaboration and building together while making sure that the impact on the ecosystem...
AI Need of the Hour
In current times, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is no more a “good to have”. Rather, it is the “need of the hour” for any industry’s marketing strategy, and the media & entertainment industry is no exception. The media industry...
Changing dynamic of clinical trials in the post pandemic world
The COVID-19 has imposed some unique challenges to the clinical trial community. The pandemic has altered the way clinical trials are conducted with long-lasting effects. Prioritizing patient safety, recruiting new participants into trials, and data...
The Future of Work
As per the findings of the research conducted by HCL in collaboration with the University of St Gallen, the article highlights the factors that are shaping the skill-profile of future-ready workforce in financial services.
IT programs

Feb 10, 2021

Leading people through change as a key success factor for IT programs

Laura Sievänen Communications Manager, Infrastructure Division

In business organizations around the world, implementing new IT solutions can often transform the ways of working. These IT transformations can be complex and unnerving for employees and decision-makers alike. Here, an intelligent organizational...
insurance nomads

Feb 09, 2021

The secret to retaining insurance nomads

Ashutosh Uniyal Associate Vice President, Financial Services, ANZ

Customers are going digital in all aspects of their life, and insurance is no different. Insurance providers must implement smart CRM solutions to keep up with customers’ changing needs and priorities to retain the business they bring for their...
Tech Hour
In an ideal world a healthcare ecosystem should provide transparent, ubiquitous and secured access to individual’s health records, which can seamlessly transit between different healthcare players resulting in better coordinated care, competitive...
Profit Planet People
Creating and sustaining harmony is important for an organization's growth and encompasses dimensions other than simply generating revenues. With the world under constant threats due to increasing human activity, it is becoming increasingly crucial...
Orchestrating Distributed Network

Feb 04, 2021

Orchestrating Distributed Network Transformation for the New Normal

Yatindra Mahajan Practice Head – Networks and Contact Center Services

Traditionally, much like operating systems, cloud computing platforms have provided basic underlying programs to help companies seamlessly access software applications and physical servers from remote locations. While conventional cloud services...
Predictive analytics has the potential to enhance value-based care for patients while also driving down costs for payers and providers. As value-based care becomes the norm, next gen enterprises need to leverage predictive analytics to improve...
Five Goals
https://community.broadcom.com/blogSecurity professionals like you have gone to significant extremes to keep your IAM operations running like a Tesla in ludicrous mode, but we also know there’s always room for improvement. You can take it to the...
FinTechs are exploiting the gap between the financial services and technology. Increasing use of technology for financial services have led to disruption in the traditional financial services. We can see this change from the way traditional banks...
comes to breaking such a triangle by disrupting the status quo. Industries such as commercial aviation and computing went through disruptions which made services affordable, accessible, and better over time. The same is possible for the healthcare...
The Utility industry is shifting from a highly traditional, regulation-driven marketplace to an advanced technology-driven environment. For Infrastructure optimization and supply-demand balance, use of the smart devices has increased exponentially...
Cold Chain

Jun 28, 2018

Cold Chain Logistics in Pharma

Harjotsingh Chance Senior Executive, Life Sciences- Business Solutions Group

The main ingredients for maintaining a cold chain are effective digital communication and data collection. The complete integration of the entire supply chain processes, linking them to the data supporting regulatory needs and quality considerations...
OTT Platforms – A UX Design Perspective
Every OTT platform has a distinct target audience and content that underline its purpose. Each OTT platform requires a distinct design approach and aesthetic. Understanding the requirement and pain points of consumers, coming up with a solution to...
Get! Set! Smart!
The next industrial revolution is already here. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the answer to the question on what could come next after automated machines and smart computers. The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of adopting IoT, far...
switching to the cloud
Switching to cloud with cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google), businesses not only save resources but also operate more efficiently.
Vidya Bhushan

Digital Transformation in BFSI - Who can afford the luxury of 2-speed IT?
Vidya Bhushan - Senior Sales Director - Capital Markets | February 26, 2016

Digital Transformation in BFSI industry – The need for integrated transformation

'Customer centricity' of Digital Transformation is often misconstrued with a notion that Digitalization is just about transforming the layer of interaction between firms and its customers - intuitive mobile applications, fancy user interface websites, innovative channels to extend services, etc.

New Direct Capability- IATA initiative
Hrishikesh - Manager | January 13, 2016

All global airlines are trying to increase their ancillary revenue in a variety of ways.  Traditionally the majority of the ancillary revenue was generated as change or cancel fees, baggage charges, etc. For generating additional revenue and with a desire to provide better service to its customers, airlines around the world are creating more personalised service offers at a variety of price points to suit different customer profiles.

Arpan Chatterjee

Digitalisation - Figurative & Quantifiable Dimensions
Arpan Chatterjee - Sales Director - Travel, Transportation and Logistics | December 16, 2015

At the cost of repeating myself… ‘What exactly is Digitalisation?’ This certainly seems to be the talk of the town, but is this buzzword a new concept or once again, a fundamental and radical idea, but in a new package? Secondly, assuming for a moment that this is important for today’s business, how does Digitalisation impact the Travel, Transport, Logistics and Hospitality business?