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Conversational Commerce

Jul 03, 2019

Conversational Commerce

Shiva Mathur Vice President – Customer Success Retail & CPG

The concept of conversational commerce has been around since 2015-16. Today, to go beyond interacting with a customer on an app or via text message, IT companies are building a voice-based retail ecosystem to deliver greater value to the customer....
Years have passed since ‘going digital’ was considered a passing fad. Since then, digital transformation has proven itself to be a key priority for businesses across industries. Digital disruption has driven enterprises to evolve new business models...
Utilities Influence

Jul 03, 2019

How Can Utilities Influence its customer / impact the life style

Prakash Menon AVP & Industry Principal - Utilities

The E&U industry is shifting gears, from complex customer information management systems to customer engagement platforms. E&U companies are eager to reap the benefits of the environmental movement and this enthusiasm is, in turn, shaping...
Future Workspace
As an industry leader, you may have faced scenarios where your team is worried about managing automation in your organization and balancing human-machine co-operation. While the fear of machines replacing humans at work has been there since the days...
HCL Digital Transformation Maturity Matrix is an Assessment/ Index model for the analysis of a CSP’s organization on various tenets of Digital Transformation Journey. It helps customers take an objective view of Current state of the Organization,...
Five Goals
https://community.broadcom.com/blogSecurity professionals like you have gone to significant extremes to keep your IAM operations running like a Tesla in ludicrous mode, but we also know there’s always room for improvement. You can take it to the...
Focus: A leadership superpower

Jun 10, 2019

Focus: A leadership superpower

Martin Burns EMEA Director

Continually asking for things, being promised them, and not getting results is one of the most frustrating situations that leaders experience. Identifying and pursuing the wildly important thing to completion helps to increase team output, de-...
Robo Advisory
Reimagining Retail Investments with Robo-Advisory in the 21st Century The world of finance and investments is constantly evolving, as is the market for retail investment services. From the earliest telephonic exchanges to AI-driven volume trading...
Predictive analytics has the potential to enhance value-based care for patients while also driving down costs for payers and providers. As value-based care becomes the norm, next gen enterprises need to leverage predictive analytics to improve...

Oct 05, 2017

Impact of IoT in CPG sector

Mayank Abrol Deputy Manager, HCL Business Consulting

IoT to many organizations is like house party to teenagers; all teenagers think the others are doing it (hence they should also do it), but nobody is actually doing it in the best possible way. IoT is not a new concept, but just a buzzword in town....
Manufacturing is an area where the incorporation of different parts of AI is taking place. AI encompasses a range of technologies that are learned over time, as they are exposed to more data. AI has brought a new dimension which helps analyze data,...
Digitql Age Biomakers

Jun 08, 2016

Digital Age Biomarkers: Applicability across Therapeutic Areas

Aditi Chakraborty Senior Manager - Life Sciences & Healthcare

This blog focuses on the enhanced applicability of Digital Biomarkers (real time, continuous, data-driven signals) in some of the top therapeutic areas/conditions. Patient-facing devices have been the progenitors of digital biomarkers.
In this blog we explain how the once key skills, which ruled the retail sector are becoming obsolete. Advertising, PR, Market Surveys, Pricing, Branding, Supply Chain Management, the pillars of retail industry which were dominated by people...
Blockchain in Healthcare
Blockchain has added value across the industries. It has previously been used as Bitcoin, and is now being adopted by the healthcare industry. The benefits are multiple and sustainable.
Cisco's Evolved Programmable Network Manager product has extension options for partners to develop and integrate applications and device packs. HCL has taken the lead to develop non-Cisco (third party) device packs thanks to the long term...

Nov 28, 2018

Data Analytics – Self Service BI Journey


Utilities have Big Data and it is a huge thing in utilities to analyze those data sets and patterns to really understand there customer behavior pattern, changes in business due to weather, enhance their customer satisfaction ratios, and enhance...
Data hack, theft, or infringement are major issues which cannot be ignored when it comes to drug development. Trained professionals or hackers determine and manipulate vulnerabilities in a computer system and/or network to gain unauthorized access...
Store Digitization
To deal with knowledgeable digital customers, stores should not think twice in adopting digital tools. But a proper assessment has to be done to choose the right digitizing services because every retailer need is different and also every initiative...

Aerospace and Defense Compliance 2.0- Greater Focus on Risk-based Security, CCM, and Blockchain
Abhishek Ramavat - GM and Practice Lead EMEA - GRC | July 9, 2020

Traditionally, global aerospace and defense organizations have relied on country-level compliance processes and IT delivery, resulting in siloed data and lack of centralized visibility with minimal data sharing. The same has resulted not only in non-standardized information management but has also increased IT costs and redundancy, along with poor visibility into the efficacy of compliance programs across geographies. 

Digital Workforce- Empowered Workforce of the Insurer
Nishanth Nanu | June 19, 2020

In this era of digitally disrupted economy, Insurance is one such industry which is seeing a huge spike in investment of both time and resources for the optimization of their processes via automation, which at the end of the day would enhance their customers experience in interacting with them.

360° view of your Investments
Rangarajan Rupanarayanan - Senior Business Manager, Insurance Domain, Financial Services, HCL Technologies | June 12, 2020

Financial Planning plays a vital role in our life as our future is dependent on the same. Across the globe, most individuals work for at least 30 years starting from age 25. They lead a life style that may or may not match their earnings, without focus on post-retirement needs, paving way to financial crisis during old age.

All employees should definitely contribute towards VPF because of the facts such as – (1) the interest earnings are not taxed (2) the contributions are completely locked for retirement needs since premature withdrawals / closures are not encouraged and (3) the maximum limit of contributions towards VPF is a small amount that could be compromised. It is not too late and hence those who have not made any VPF contributions, MUST start utilizing this savings vehicle immediately – i.e. from next month onwards. The success of this article depends on the number of new enrollments for VPF and you could also be part of the success factor.