The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for enterprises to accelerate their Cloud Native journey. Concepts such as ‘Cloud-first’ and ‘Cloud-centric’ have now become a mainstay, while remote working is the new normal. Organizations are rapidly beginning to realize the importance of Cloud and are now going Cloud Native, driven mostly by Kubernetes, microservices, and Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning (AL-ML).
Enterprises that do not have cloud infrastructure in place are facing challenges in pursuing reliable IT infrastructure, compliance constraints, security requirements, operational transformation, employee-client connect, and business continuity with on-time deliverables.

As remote work and collaboration intensifies, Cloud has emerged as a close ally for businesses. Organizations that had already adopted Cloud are leveraging its advantages in terms of stability and flexibility, even in these unprecedented times. They are better equipped to navigate the crisis and avoid business disruption and potential revenue loss, forge new levels of trust with their workforce, and position their businesses for greater resiliency and productivity in the future.

Currently, enterprises everywhere are pivoting to remote work to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, partners, and communities. HCL and IBM Cloud™ solutions will help you make a smooth transition to remote business with safe, secure, and flexible digital Cloud services for mobility, virtualization, collaboration, and support.

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Ensuring business continuity while accelerating transformation

Organizations depend on their business and IT operations to stay resilient, and a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic can exert additional pressure on business continuity plans. According to surveys, only 20% of critical workloads are shifted to the Cloud, which is a difficult proposition to maintain business continuity while transforming IT operations. Optimize your Cloud and drive transformation while leveraging the available resources to solve the current crisis. At HCL, we have the core industry skillsets and support mechanism to make your IT solutions work.

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Get Digital-Ready with Application Modernization

It is time to harness the full potential of your applications, simplify your IT environment, and easily leverage digital services. Both during and beyond the challenges created by COVID-19, digital services allow you to focus on what really matters—providing value to your customer while reducing the risk of downtime, lowering operational costs, and quickly responding to changing customers, and business and regulatory demands.

HCL and IBM Cloud Pak offerings will help you build Cloud Native apps by leveraging built-in developer tools and processes, including support for microservices functions, and serverless computing. Customers can quickly build apps on any Cloud while existing middleware clients gain the most straightforward path to modernization.

Application Transformation

Migrate, re-platform and re-factor solutions to become Cloud Native by running on IBM Hybrid Cloud and OpenShift Container Platform

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Secure your Cloud estate, maximize availability

An IBM study shows that in the last six years, the global average cost of a data breach has grown by 12%, totalling USD 3.92 million per breach. This highlights the need for enterprises to maximize availability, ensure data security and robust business operations with an exhaustive Cloud solution architecture. HCL and IBM Cloud offer a comprehensive solution encompassing threat management and cyber incident recovery that protects you from threats, allowing for swift recovery when cyber incidents happen.

HCL, in collaboration with IBM, provides the capabilities for supporting the entire threat management lifecycle. It automates security policy orchestration, threat detection, threat disposition, and incident response remediation. It also centralizes and simplifies visibility, management, and monitoring of security operations for Cloud workloads. The collaboration drives a Cloud-agnostic security and recovery service, providing a single pane of glass across on-premise and multicloud

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