Enhancing Customer Experience in Healthcare Industry | HCLTech


Customer experience is critical for any business to thrive. However, healthcare is unique in that it is a vertical where the end user is not the only entity with a say in the entire care continuum. In the current landscape, it’s not just patients but entities such as payers, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers that comprise the customer satisfaction matrix. The key to enhanced experience is for such entities to seamlessly collaborate and coordinate with each other.

We take a holistic view of the healthcare ecosystem and believe that technology plays a vital role in enhancing business and end user experiences. We have developed a comprehensive Customer Experience Management framework. This analytics-led platform integrates data across multiple sources to provide the following:

  • Data acquisition and aggregation capabilities: Creating longitudinal patient records from disparate sources such as clinical data, lab data, diagnostics data, and claims data to drive personalized care
  • Analytics capabilities: Formulating “Next Best Action” to address care gaps, drive personalized care plans and facilitate decision making
  • Actionable insights: Optimizing member enrollment, acquisition, and retention strategies

Sample proof points:

  • Member enrollment: 83% increase in membership for a leading health plan in the US through an exchange ready marketplace
  • Member enrollment: 90% to 95% reduction in Quote and Group Setup time via zero touch enrollment for a leading US-based dental coverage provider
  • Member engagement and retention: 20% increase in enrollment and 95% retention enabled for a leading membership organization in the US through persona-driven user experience

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