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Healthcare organizations acknowledge that effective care coordination, leading to personalized care management, is critical for ensuring quantifiable improvement in delivery. However, effective care coordination is a challenge when healthcare intelligence gathering is impaired by isolated and siloed data across the enterprise. What’s more, actionable insights are either misleading due to lack of centralized data lakes for meaningful analysis, or non-existent due to data and system integration issues.

With the industry embracing value-based reimbursements, organizations must solve the healthcare intelligence puzzle to generate actionable insights based on past data (clinical/non-clinical). Our deep understanding of the healthcare industry, combined with end-to-end business analytics capabilities, has yielded tangible benefits for our customers’ care delivery goals.

From data acquisition and aggregation to analytics and personalized care management, we are the growth partner of choice for healthcare organizations. Our framework for improving care delivery includes:

  • Clinical Data Exchange: A data and systems integration engine that integrates claims, clinical and personal medical device data to provide a 360O view of patients
  • Health Care Intelligence Platform: A framework that targets high-cost members based on care gaps, behavioral analytics, and comorbidity analytics
  • Evidence based medicine platform: An approach that engages with patients, monitors therapy adherence, and measures outcomes

Sample proof points:

  • Patient Segmentation: 18% increase in identification of high-risk patients by analyzing 123 million data sets for a leading US-based payer
  • Care Management: HCLTech diabetes management programs have led to a reduction across multiple clinical parameters such as risk of coronary heart disease (down 25%), risk of stroke (down 16%) and cardiovascular mortality rate (down 32%)

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