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Increasing market share and efficiently launching new products is critical for medical device manufacturers. From developing strategies for launching new products to increasing market share, targeting the right professionals to identifying and influencing decision makers – the  sales and marketing activity list is long and demanding, as are its demands on technology infrastructure.

Marketing is challenged with the need to produce the right marketing message to the right audience with the right educational mix. New customized solutions, based on cutting edge technologies, are critical to gain the necessary competitive edge.

We offer customized solutions across the whole gamut of the Sales & Marketing arena starting from field service support, sales support, market intelligence, and general solutions. With our rich experience of working with 7 out of top 10 medical device companies, we have a deep understanding of the domain.



Sales Support Solutions

Sales Support Solutions

HCLTech helps medical device manufacturers streamline sales and marketing operations through a range of tools and strategies. These include assistance in identifying the target audience, launching new products, and increasing market share.

HCLTech offers customized sales support through its Customer Interaction Hub (CIH)—an automated value-enhancement framework that enhances customer interactions. With expertise across customer contract management and account management, our solutions provide speedy access to sales data unlocking valuable insights as well as modification.

Sales Force Management

Sales Force Management

HCLTech’s Sales Force Management services facilitate seamless operations and improve service ROI. The ServSmart™ solution helps optimize sales and marketing processes in several ways –

  • Aiding sales teams on the field
  • Enabling effective revenue management
  • Minimizing costs and time-to-market
  • Providing proactive sales support

ServSmart™ deploys digital and mobile tools to transform business processes in real time – integrating product support functions and product performance data with other business applications. Further, ServSmart™ helps medical device companies maximize product uptime and minimize operational spends – with efficient product lifecycle management.