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Data Integration as a Service (DiaaS)


The Situation Today

The Clinical Data Interchange Standard Consortium (CDISC) has been shown to decrease the resources needed by 60% overall and 70-90% in the start-up stages of a research process. However, while adapting the CDISC suite of standards, companies are facing conversion challenges, such as:-

  • Changing requirements: an ever changing regulatory environment, standards, and business needs

  • Lack of company-wide data standards: definition changes, inconsistencies over time, cross institutions, and data in silos

  • Slow turn around:  hard to collaborate enterprise level efforts, acquire resources with special skills in a short time, and tedious effort during submissions

  • Organic growth: inability to  scale up or reuse narrowly focused architectures

All these challenges are contributing to over budgeting, project delays, reduced functionality and a low quality of projects.

How HCL Can Help

HCL’s DiaaS platform is a comprehensive data aggregation and transformation solution for the seamless integration of clinical trial data exchange between CROs and sponsors. It minimizes a sponsor’s effort in managing operational complications associated with CRO data exchange, and lets the business focus on its key strategic activities.

DiaaS attributes
  • Multiple environments for full SDLC management of on-boarding for new partners (CROs) without impacting the integrity of the production environment
  • Operates on application agnostic data architecture with comprehensive audit trail and data lineage management
  • Transforms both operational and patient data into sponsor-specific standards (e.g. CDISC SDTM)
  • Key solution tenets are drawn from our clinical data standards expertise, strong technology transformation background, and back office process rigor
  • Utility based model supports multiple environments with no upfront capital investment by sponsors
  • Supports exchange of operational and patient data
  • Delta detection management with support for both incremental and cumulative data loads
  • Cycle time reduction by up to 35-40%

What You Can Expect

  • Cloud-based, virtually unlimited scalability and complete security
  • Transaction-based pricing where you pay as you go, with no entry fee
  • ~$10-15K/study for legacy data conversion
  • ~$25K for a typical live study conversion
  • Savings typically over 50% of CRO managed conversions
  • Reduction in time/resource requirements
  • Enhanced coordination with structured workflow managed processes
  • Independent double data mapping with automatic results comparison

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Centralized Data Monitoring solution
Centralized Data Monitoring solution
HCL CRO’S Services
HCL CRO’S Services
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.