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From discovery through development and to launch, an average drug costs over USD 1 billion to bring to fruition. Typical pharma companies use between 7 and 25 different systems across the clinical development process flow. This causes several inefficiencies while adding to the cost of drug development.

Integrated Clinical Platform adopts a unique model based on cutting-edge components to architect an orchestrated offering for clients. Our solution comprises the following:

  • eSource: Tablet and device-based direct data collection and integration with electronic data capture (EDC)
  • Clinical Data Standards: “One-Stop Shop” metadata-driven clinical standards management solution from protocol to submission
  • mHealth/IOT enabled patient engagement: Patient-centric ‘connected’ clinical trials
  • IDMP: A flexible approach to end-to-end IDMP standards implementation
  • Clinical Analytics: Extracting insights from data using analytics/AI/robotics

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