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Adaptive Learning Platform


The proliferation of connected devices, coupled with a shift towards student-oriented ways of teaching, is changing the very core of learning management systems. Consequently, the internet is fast becoming the preferred adaptive learning platform for learning management as individuals increasingly access online resources via smartphones and tablets.

With this in mind, HCL has architected an adaptive learning management system that uses digital media to make education more interactive and engaging. We help bring together students, teachers, and parents to create a synergized and adaptive ecosystem.

Our adaptive learning platform focusses on the student, aligning itself perfectly to individual capabilities. Additionally, we ensure that teachers and parents are continually appraised of the progress made by pupils, even as the curriculum is completed.

HCL’s adaptive learning platform is supported by a number of essential features:

  • Digital add-ons, such as audio and videos illustrations, online assignment submission, and collaborative teaching
  • Incorporation of both the students’ as well as teachers’ perspective for a holistic approach to learning
  • Real-time access to the learner’s growth trajectory for all participants
  • Personalized recommendations for improvement via adaptive learning software


Ecosystem of Partners

We harness an array of diverse strengths and capabilities through partnerships, building synergies that enable customers to implement and operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our wide network of partners aids delivery of solutions that are tailor-made for each client.