Leaders in media and entertainment industry are rethinking their relationship with key stakeholders, and are looking towards brand management as a strategic marketing tool. For instance, label companies and concert promoters are moving beyond traditional channels of brand promotion such as albums, publishing, and concert tickets. On the other hand, artists often associate themselves with unconventional channels such as fan clubs, websites, tours, artist/talent management, and other forms of sponsorships. Leading record companies are now seeking rights to engage in non-recording activities as well – brand assessment, talent management, live touring, brand promotion, merchandising, and publicity.

HCL’s Artist 360° helps industry professionals navigate this complex terrain. Our platform enables end-to-end visibility for all activities to artists, managers, and record label administrators.

Artist 360° simplifies cross-platform artist management in several ways:

  • Leverages modern brand management strategies for profit generation, thereby contributing up to 20 – 30% of revenue.
  • Recalibrates assessment of brand management by connecting artists to their fans and pushes awareness of brand and talent management strategies.
  • Develops markets for new artists by offering innovative platforms and creates new opportunities for additional revenue by promoting merchandise and partners.
  • Provides a complete overview of earnings, categorized according to product types.

Ecosystem Of Partners

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