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Mobile Coupons


In recent years, the new generation of deal-savvy shoppers have embraced mobile couponing. HCL's Mobile Coupons or mCoupons is a mobility service that helps customers receive, save, and apply mobile coupons on their smart devices.

The solution has been integrated with foursquare and other social media websites to simplify the process of obtaining mobile coupons at the point of sale. This mobile couponing service, an apt process of loyalty management, can be used at any given point of time and from any location.

The mobile couponing solution offers a host of benefits from reducing the cost of delivery to improving redemption efficiency of mobile coupons, proving to be one of the most effective loyalty solutions.

The mobility service eliminates physical handling and offers easy access to end customers. mCoupons enables new revenue streams through brand promotion and marketing. Further, it facilitates informed decision making based on analytics.


Ecosystem of Partners

Our partnerships allow us to combine each other's strengths, and use this synergy to help our customers quickly implement efficiently operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our large network of partners allows us to deliver solutions that are tailor made for each of our customers.