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Predictive Analytics

Challenges we address

Cut-throat competition, too many products and releases, and inadequate market/consumer behavior-related research to target the right prospects with the right products results in very poor success rates for movies, music, and publishers, which can be extremely costly to companies. Predictive analytics helps predict future events, trends, and behaviors and provides companies with the ability to increase their success through critical insights at every point in the value chain - right from finding new artists/authors and market research to customer insight and marketing effectiveness.

HCL’s Services

The following services can help companies: (1) improve their digital revenues, and (2) improve campaign effectiveness through personalization/targeting, besides reducing the cost of campaign management via digital channels.

  • Consumer Analytics:  Consumer performance analytics - Web, churn, social and campaign effectiveness. Other analytics include CSAT, survey, and subscription analytics. HCL’s predictive pricing analytics is a unique advantage that is provided for companies who want an analysis based on future trends.
  • Enterprise Performance: Financial analysis, channel and marketing RoI, sales performance, scorecards/dashboards, and consumer share.
  • Social CRM/ Community Intelligence: Social media listening and response to consumer issues, identifying communities of success for audience development.
  • Global Sales/ Consumer Data Ingestion: Collection and aggregation of data from multiple sources; cleansing, transformation, and loading of clean data into a central repository.

HCL’s Solutions

These solutions illustrate HCL’s expertise and investment in analytics applications.

  • BICC - Extended BI competency center for our clients to provide a cost-effective and scalable management framework
  • GRAF - Global reporting and analytics factory
  • Customer Centricity - an artificial intelligence-based N=1 recommendation engine, case based reasoning on anonymous/ logged in user actions to personalize promotions, book sales, advertisements, products, and content, leading to a 20-30% increase in sales... Read more
  • Artist 360° - a platform that enables the artist, his manager, and the record label’s Admin to get a complete view of all the activities performed by the artist (music albums, events, merchandise, movies, TV shows, and more) and track the royalty related to all the activities... Read more

What we’ve done for others

  • Provided consumer insights as a part of the artist launch program for a leading U.K.-based music label
  • Created a highly automated product master data management system that enables the creation and management of thousands of digital products with rights compliance for a USD 3 billion multinational music company.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.