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Pricing Optimization Services


The increasing demand for information across multiple channels has significantly changed the orientation of firms in the M&E industry, necessitating effective price management. They are now compelled to deliver strategies beneficial to survival in a hyper-competitive landscape. Consequently, media firms are now considering content monetization strategies, especially focused on dynamic pricing in the domain of content subscription.

HCL, due it its long involvement in the M&E industry, has a deep-rooted understanding of price optimization and price optimization models. Our services help determine content pricing for print and broadcast clients. Further, we use mathematical analysis to gain a thorough understanding of how customers will potentially respond to a hard and a soft pay wall.

HCL’s application of scientific methods has been instrumental in creating effective price models. For example, by incorporating an economic indicator like cross price elasticity in customer conducive pricing results in revenue optimization.

Personalized pricing has been particularly customer aligned, especially ecommerce price optimization. In this regard, HCL stores data obtained via personalized promotional activities on a myriad of platforms - email, web banner ads, social media, and customer center.

Ecosystem of Partners

We harness an array of diverse strengths and capabilities through partnerships, building synergies that enable customers to implement and operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our wide network of partners aids delivery of solutions that are tailor-made for each client.