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Rights Management Services

Traditional media companies are pioneers of content creation, but just content in the open internet era does not serve the purpose unless it is packaged in a consumable form. This conversion of content to a consumable version is called exploitation of assets and is the main source of monetization. 

Rights management is the tool that governs this monetization process and figures prominently in the transformational initiatives of large media companies looking to expand to new geographies and customers. Additionally, it helps these companies reduce—legal exposure to partners, artists and authors; cycle time to release of new products and release of royalties, payments to their artists and partners.

HCL helps media companies leverage its rights management services having the following stages of maturity-

  • The first level is a simple capturing of rights and the associated metadata with the assets. 
  • During the second stage, there is a clearance process in place for obtaining permissions for assets owned by any group within the company.
  • The final stage of maturity establishes links with all downstream systemsand standardized rights processes in the organization.

This will ensure key component of rights management services (rights acquisition, rights marketing, permission granting and rights accounting) are in place and the content is ready to be distributed and monetized.

Middleware/Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) services of HCL

The SOA/ Business Process Management (BPM) arm of HCL offers systems integration, business optimization and process excellence solutions.It helps design, develop, operate, or optimize customer business processes; transform business through integration solutions that leverage the power of SOA; address application and service integration requirements or even a reuse challenge in an operational business process. 

The service spectrum includes 5 key areas of integration–SOA, BPM, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) , and Identity Access Management (IAM). 

HCL’s Middleware/SOA engagement for a a leading insurance major in US: HCL Automated the entire mortgage process end-to-end – Lights out processing, and used Industry models (IFW) to design the mortgage process, focusing on re-use of business functions and processes across the enterprise

For details of our SOA services, please refer to-

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.