The Media and Entertainment, Publishing, and Education (MPE) landscape has witnessed rapid growth in a short span of time. Customer expectations have also changed drastically, with millennials exhibiting a strong preference for streaming content on portable devices.

In this milieu, HCL Tech has crafted solutions that are in-sync with the shifts and movements in the MPE ecosystem. For example, Customer Centricity enables businesses to break the mold and articulate customized content. Immersive Book is another platform-agnostic solution that lets publishers capitalize on the growing trend of smart devices as a new channel.

From Event Management to Socialytics, our range of offerings enable firms in the MPE space to push the envelope and develop products that focus on end user experiences. At HCL Tech, we believe in delivering solutions that are congruent with the times. Additionally, we keep developing them so that they remain relevant and future-proof in an evolving business environment.