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IT leaders don’t think the same about testing today as they did five years ago. As the market has changed, so  have the needs of business. The prevalence of mobile applications, the adoption of the cloud, the embracing of service virtualization, the consumption of big data and other developments have changed the way IT solutions are delivered to the business. In order to make good on these delivery commitments, IT leaders are looking for partners that can not only offer reliable quality services, but are also at the frontline of these technological shifts and offer solutions that remain ahead of the curve. One thing, however, has not changed: the unrelenting momentum to deliver solutions better, cheaper and faster is as pervasive as ever.

At HCLTech, we don’t believe that testing should be business as usual. The time to think about quality isn’t just at project kick-off, quality should be an intrinsic part of the business strategy from inception through to delivery.

The world of software testing is changing and HCLTech is accelerating that change in order to equip businesses to better meet these new demands.

Our unique blend of industry-specific, end-to-end solutions help our clients meet today’s demanding product delivery challenges head-on.

  • Uncompromising quality: Poor testing drives up costs, creates customer uncertainty, impacts employee efficiency and can result in lost sales. Our “quality from day one” approach helps ensure quality at every phase of the testing life cycle.
  • Time to market: Software delivery life cycles are being compressed and quality services need to compress with them. Our innovative quality solutions are designed to save precious time from each phase of delivery.
  • Agility: A heavy fixed-cost burden for testing does not meet the needs of an agile business. At HCLTech, we understand this reality and provide an array of resourcing models designed to deliver the right services when you need them.
  • Low cost: Our innovative, efficiency-driven testing solutions give you the best of both worlds: effective defect detection and cost avoidance at a price point that enables the testing function to add value, rather than consume cost.


Managed Quality Services

Designed to deliver, manage and govern end-to-end quality assurance with accountability for excellence, cost and time to market

Enterprise Application Testing Services

Ensure your enterprise software and applications perform as specified, are rolled out quickly and don’t threaten business continuity during deployment.

Specialized Testing Services (STS)

Assure quality with services that include non-functional testing, ERP testing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), mobile testing and service virtualization.

Client Success

Ecosystem of Partners

Our relationships with industry-leading providers of tools aimed at quality assurance keep us at the front edge of new enabling technologies. These partnerships and strategic alliances strengthen and complement our services to deliver best-in-class solutions when and where you need them. Read more about our partnership capability.