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How can quality of service and experience be improved for subscribers?

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Telecom Customer Experience

How can quality of service and experience be improved for subscribers?

Two engagement domains to improve quality of service and of experience (QoS/QoE) being provided to subscribers are network operations and customer operations. HCL has identified focus areas where next-generation telecom enterprises should invest to significantly improve QoS/QoE.

  • Identified opportunities for network operations enhancement include:
    • NOC- Predictive maintenance of network infrastructure
    • Problem Resolution- Real-time CDR analysis to optimize bandwidth and prescriptive solutions offered as self-help to network engineers
    • Field Service- Guided workflow of field team linked with issue prediction and preemptive resolution
    • Demand Forecasting- Network performance optimization per demand patterns, smart call routing for optimized bandwidth utilization
  • Identified opportunities for customer experience enhancement include:
    • Preemptive Support- Targeted marketing campaigns to increase ROI, churn identification prediction and prevention
    • Data Monetization- Specialized campaigns to cross-sell and upsell, new business models (match demand and offerings nearby, using payment data)
    • Enhanced Security- Fraud prevention via anomaly detection, data and payment processing security
    • Business Optimization- Customer service response automation via smart agents, proactive care via predictive issue identification