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What are network services?

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Network Services

What are network services?

Network Services/Managed Network Services are the services of management of networks by IT service providers for their clients. The scope of network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Network Consulting Services and Network implementation services.
The advantages of network services/managed network services to client companies are as follows:
• Client companies can focus on their core competencies and save substantial sums of money in building and maintaining network capabilities
• Client companies can minimize their risks of network failure or data loss due to the same by offloading the risk to network service providers
• Ease in meeting compliance requirements of regulatory authorities owing to expertise of service providers in the same


Airline companies around the world develop next generation optimal network planning solutions to maximize revenues and minimize operational expenditures. Such solution entails a powerful user interface, simulation capabilities, customizable rules/workflows, and integration with a variety of existing internal & external systems. Primary objectives are to enhance business intelligence, minimize unprofitable flights, improve schedule quality, and reduce time involved with schedule plan creation.