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Leveraging AI/ML-driven Autonomous Networks for Next-Generation Enterprises
The promise of enhanced connectivity is the backbone of business innovation as it empowers business leaders to broaden their ambitions towards new products and solutions. This is the only way to ensure a future-ready posture that remains competitive...
Building a value-oriented infrastructure to do business post-2020

Apr 05, 2021

Building a value-oriented infrastructure to do business post-2020

Ludovic MALLEZ Senior Sales Director, France, HCL Technologies

While IT infrastructure remains one of the most critical elements of doing business in the digital age, the ongoing pandemic has only amplified the urgency to change business priorities by placing IT expense optimization at the top of the list. Read...
Next-Generation Enterprises
The state of IT infrastructure has drastically changed with networks becoming a critical enabler of modern, digital enterprises. However, the rapid transformation from data center-based design to distributed architecture has not been easy, with...
switching to the cloud
Switching to cloud with cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google), businesses not only save resources but also operate more efficiently.
Sustainability: A Key Driver of Innovation

Mar 10, 2021

Sustainability: A Key Driver of Innovation

Christina Herden Global Head of Sustainability

Worldwide IT leaders are adopting and integrating a sustainable approach to their business models. A sustainable model is built on an entrepreneurial approach to collaboration and building together while making sure that the impact on the ecosystem...
AI Need of the Hour
In current times, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is no more a “good to have”. Rather, it is the “need of the hour” for any industry’s marketing strategy, and the media & entertainment industry is no exception. The media industry...
Changing dynamic of clinical trials in the post pandemic world
The COVID-19 has imposed some unique challenges to the clinical trial community. The pandemic has altered the way clinical trials are conducted with long-lasting effects. Prioritizing patient safety, recruiting new participants into trials, and data...
The Future of Work
As per the findings of the research conducted by HCL in collaboration with the University of St Gallen, the article highlights the factors that are shaping the skill-profile of future-ready workforce in financial services.
IT programs

Feb 10, 2021

Leading people through change as a key success factor for IT programs

Laura Sievänen Communications Manager, Infrastructure Division

In business organizations around the world, implementing new IT solutions can often transform the ways of working. These IT transformations can be complex and unnerving for employees and decision-makers alike. Here, an intelligent organizational...
Changed Realities in Hospitality Industry post COVID-19
The global COVID-19 outbreak has affected businesses, especially the travel and hospitality industry, and disrupted the continuity of operations. As we come to terms with the pandemic, industries are grappling the consequences of an economic...
switching to the cloud
Switching to cloud with cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google), businesses not only save resources but also operate more efficiently.
Slotting optimization in warehouses
The saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place” almost sums up the idea behind warehouse slotting and profiling.
Cold Chain

Jun 28, 2018

Cold Chain Logistics in Pharma

Harjotsingh Chance Senior Executive, Life Sciences- Business Solutions Group

The main ingredients for maintaining a cold chain are effective digital communication and data collection. The complete integration of the entire supply chain processes, linking them to the data supporting regulatory needs and quality considerations...
FinTechs are exploiting the gap between the financial services and technology. Increasing use of technology for financial services have led to disruption in the traditional financial services. We can see this change from the way traditional banks...
Tech Hour
In an ideal world a healthcare ecosystem should provide transparent, ubiquitous and secured access to individual’s health records, which can seamlessly transit between different healthcare players resulting in better coordinated care, competitive...

Mar 23, 2020

CCAR - Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review

Vimal Jain Senior Business Specialist, Delivery Practice

CCAR is a united states regulatory framework governed by Federal reserve to assess, regulate & supervise large US banks that are too big to fail. Post 2008 Global economic crisis/subprime crisis/Recession, resulted in economic collapse of US...
Big Data

Nov 28, 2018

Big Data & Analytics in the Energy & Utilities industry


The energy and utility industry typically comprises power plants generating electricity, transmitted over long-distance transmission lines and then finally supplied over distribution lines to residences and businesses.
The energy and utility...
Predictive analytics has the potential to enhance value-based care for patients while also driving down costs for payers and providers. As value-based care becomes the norm, next gen enterprises need to leverage predictive analytics to improve...

Disruption in Insurance industry – is it sporadic
Murali Mohana Rao - Senior Business Specialist With Insurance Practice | March 17, 2016

Business Disruption is not new, but, simultaneous disruption in different walks of life and across businesses is the new phenomenon that global businesses are trying to position as an opportunity, challenge, or a threat. With never like before technology led la-uber disruptions surfacing in different industries, business needs to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying factors to come with an effective strategy to survive a possible deluge, if not to differentiate and stand apart. This applies more to industries where sporadic disruptions are surfacing but failing to make a remarkable impact. Insurance is one such industry. I think the insurance industry is poised for a very exciting but challenging phase in coming years.

Make ‘Fun’ to sell insurance & reduce cost - “Gamification in Insurance”
Murali Dharan Haragopal - Head of Global Insurance Business Solution Group | March 17, 2016

Did you know? Games share certain characteristics with insurance, business and our lives! Significant common characteristics include uncertainty, challenge, chance, choices, goal, relevance, reward, rules and terms of agreement.

The New Face of Regulatory Response: Opportunity
CEB Tower group analyst | March 11, 2016

The subject of financial services regulatory compliance is likely to elicit a number of responses ranging from yawning to fear.  It is very unlikely this subject will generate enthusiastic support for new opportunities, but the time has come for this to change.