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Re-commerce or reverse commerce is the opposite of the traditional marketplaces where used goods are re-purchased from customers through a well-defined process.
Differentiation in the retail sector can be made through personalized customer experiences where retailers create unique customer journey experiences tailored for individual customers to retain, sustain, and improve profitability. Read the blog to…
As the new normal sets in, consumer buying behavior is witnessing a drastic change worldwide. Retail companies are forced to adapt and restart their business to sustain in these difficult times. With retail brands increasingly moving towards omni-…

Sep 07, 2021

MuleSoft Composer Enables Businesses to Make Agile Supply Chain Decisions


Keith Colaco, Enterprise Integration Architect, Digital & Analytics

As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, retailers have experienced firsthand the impact that large-scale crises can have on supply chain management. Last year, it forced them to adapt quickly to sudden shifts in supply and demand. Businesses thus…

Jun 02, 2021

DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps


Anantha Bhat, Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Organizations have been managing data on premises for a long time and they are now in the process of modernizing their data management initiatives by shifting to the Cloud. However, modern enterprises have reached a point now where the quantity,…
If you have been thinking about implementing a commerce website for your business, there’s never been a better time to go online.

May 29, 2020

Key Focus Areas in Retail, Post COVID-19


Amit Puri, Associate Vice President

The retail business has been subjected to evolutionary pressure for years now, resulting in innovation on the part of landlords, storefronts, retail operations, service providers, and suppliers alike. Now more than ever before, retail will need to…
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a number of substantial restrictions, all of which have impacted the retail industry greatly. From supply chains to fluctuating demand, the retail industry faces many challenges at present. Retail outlets are…

Feb 08, 2019

Our Point of View on IBM WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce


Marcelo Cabane, HCL Informix Global Go-to-Market Head

On December 6, IBM and HCL announced that HCL Technologies and IBM had signed a definitive agreement to acquire select IBM software products, including WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce.We understand that while this is very exciting for us at…