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Dynamic Cybersecurity Services

Strategy, Consulting &
Architecture Services

With an ever evolving threat landscape it becomes a necessity to assess the current state and define and adaptive & evolving cybersecurity posture for your organization. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of vertical specific requirements, new threat vectors, regulatory landscape and resiliency needs to help define the right cybersecurity posture which is at the foundation of HCLTech Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework.

  • Architecture Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Advisory & Residency Services
  • Business impact Analysis
  • Project / Program Management

Enabled by Fortius, a dedicated cybersecurity consulting service by HCLTech

Transformation & Integration Services

Our trained and experienced cybersecurity engineers help in bringing your dynamic security vision to life. With 600+ complex, global security projects across Infrastructure and Cloud Security, Identify and Access Management, GRC, Application Security and BCP/DR- and with access to all major and cutting-edge cybersecurity technology vendors, we can jumpstart your transformation or integration project and partner with you throught the dynamic cybersecurity journey.

  • Solution Design
  • Soultion Implementation
  • Product Integration
Managed Services

HCLTech Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, evaluate and recommend to help maintain an ever responsive cybersecurity ecosystem of your organization. The managed services also complete the 'Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework' by ensuring that the posture is constantly monitored and reviewed by a 360 degree protection, around the clock and across the globe

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring & Incident Response
  • Managed Protection Services
  • Security Assurance Management Services

Enabled by CSFCs, a global delivery network of CyberSecurity Fusion Centers

Our expertise

Infrastructure & Cloud Security

Infrastructure including networks, hybrid cloud, devices and endpoints, are highly vulnerable to threats and attacks. A security system that provides end-to-end visibility and greater awareness of cyber-threats are imperative to protect your enterprise.

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HCLTech’s application security solution is robust, scalable, and business-centric and seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of application development. By moving beyond traditional, siloed approaches, HCLTech equips enterprises with the right methodology to effectively identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

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Governance Risk & Compliance

Global enterprises, today, operate in an environment of changing, tightening and increasingly complex compliance requirements. This results in escalation of risk, and significant overhead in managing compliance. Our GRC solution frameworks, leveraging the world's leading technology platforms, can simplify risk management & compliance.

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Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is the foundation for enabling innovation with minimal friction and thus HCLTech’s IAM Services can help organizations in establishing secure, productive, and efficient access to technology resources across diverse system and hence transform their IAM program to reach their business and IT goals.

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Every enterprise needs a plan to keep going, if and when disaster strikes, Our BC/DR services help you be ready to spring back up fast, through consulting & planning services, technology management, drill adminstration, multivendor management, profile-administration & IT service continuity.

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Data Security & Data Privacy

HCLTech’s modern & scalable solutions help our customers in adopting a centralized system for constant data monitoring and control, while minimizing the risk of sensitive data breaches and infiltration of customer privacy. Therefore, maximizing resiliency by enabling data masking and user authentication at every touchpoint.

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Security of

HCLTech’s Security of Things is a dynamic and constantly evolving operational technology (OT) / Internet of Things (IoT) services that provides enhanced security for plants, manufacturing companies and Industrial Control Systems(ICS).

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Fortius Consulting

Fortius Consulting is comprised of trusted, industry-leading architects, consultants, project managers, and educators with unparalleled experience and certification within a diverse set of cybersecurity solutions.

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Ecosystem of Partners



Digital security business acceleration are intrinsically linked, and as business ecosystems evolve and value chains adapt, the need for assured security solutions becomes critical in any business. HCLTech cybersecurity & GRC services offer bespoke cybersecurity solutions appropriate for specific industry needs. With our expertise and experience over two decades, we offer industry-specific threat insights for constant peace of mind.

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Lifesciences and

Proliferation of connected medical devices and telehealth applications in healthcare demand an all-encompassing security solution for business resilience and patient safety.

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Operational Technology (OT),Industrial IoT and connected manufacturing requires manufacturers to adopt a solid security architecture that considers risk, compliance, resilience, and recovery across the entire process chain.

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Retail and

Balancing user expectations, innovation, and adaptability demands robust digital security solution so consumer services enterprises can protect their patents and IP for assured growth.

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Energy &

Any breach in the critical utilities infrastructure can cause disruption of essential services, from healthcare and education to military and public administration, making cybersecurity a business and a national imperative.

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CSFC – Cyber Security Fusion Center

Through a combination of an expert team, advanced security analytics, leading threat intelligence, and mature security process automation, HCLTech Cybersecurity Fusion Centers (CSFCs) help our customers detect and respond to security threats swiftly and protect and manage their security technologies comprehensively. Our CSFC Fusion Platform ingests the telemetry collected from the comprehensive IT stack to deliver proactive threat monitoring and comprehensive protection. This helps the security teams share information and collaborate closely with clients and heighten their operational security posture so that they are prepared on time every time for any eventual incident. We have 6 CSFCs, strategically located in Texas (US), Gothenburg (Sweden), Noida, Bangalore, and Chennai (India) and 2 CSFCs soon to be launched in Melbourne, Australia and Vietnam.

HCLTech CSFCs are built on the foundation of the HCLTech SecIntAl framework to enable proactive threat detection and orchestrated incident response. This next-gen framework integrates multiple operational steps and corresponding best-of-the-breed technologies to enable effective dynamic security operations.

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